Advertise on Intel Region WhatsApp Groups

  • Welcome to Intel RegionThank you for having trust in us to deliver your Adverts to the widest audience through our WhatsApp groups.
  • Intel Region has the biggest WhatsApp family in Nigeria spread across our News, Entertainment, Sport, Jobs and Scholarship channels.
  • We reach millions of Nigerians (home and abroad) every month through our uniquely developed content and can help you boost the visibility of your business to valuable customers.

How it Works:

  • We offer Adverts on our WhatsApp groups by sending your business message to the platforms.
  • Our groups range across News, Entertainment, Sport, Jobs and Scholarships. You can decide where you want your Advert to be sent.
  • You can also send images, and group link to give your brand its deserved publicity.
  • Pricing: Your Advert will be shown to each group containing more than 250 members at ₦50 only.
  • You can share your Advert to as many groups as you want (Available groups: 350+).
  • Sponsored News Report: ₦50 per group for all our existing news groups and a ₦10,000 publishing fee for it to published on our website.

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  • Our policy does not allow the promotion of Adult (18+) products, Ponzi schemes, betting, and other related products or services.
  • You are required to compose your Advert in a simple and clear message so that users will find it easy to understand and contact you promptly.