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2020 mothers: Mother uses thread to take revenge on sleeping baby who did not allow her to sleep at night (Video)

A lady has disrupted her baby’s sleep during the day for not allowing her to sleep in the previous night.

Babies find nighttime feeding as the best time to eat while they wake their parents with their loud cries if they were deprived from eating at that time. They are said to be inactive in the day as they basically spend all that time to sleep.

Waking the parents for food disturbed their sleep as parents mostly have the nights to sleep while their days are used to work as they source for income to sustain the family.

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In the video shared, The baby was seen sleeping during the day but the mother was using thread to tickle the baby accross  face which disturbed her sleep.

The voice of the mother can be heard in the background as she told her baby to wake up, claimed that the baby won’t sleep since she didn’t allowed her to sleep during the night.

As expected, the reacted as if she was attempting to avoid the intrusion, which was disrupting her calm sleep. Watch the video below:


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The video has stirred many internet users reactions as they shared different opinions about the mother’s act toward her child. Some reactions are shown below:

aeysha. said, “Yes. When they don’t sleep during the day, let’s see if they’ll not sleep at night🙄”.

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shammugah said, “So unfair 😂. Gen Z mothers”.

lost_god105_ said, “the pikin say which kind mama be this one 😂”.

meztizo_tun said, “My future wife needs to be seeing all this red flags 🚩 oo. This is the only moment she can sleep anytime any day. Stop fckn with this babies brain. They need to get sound sleeps as much as they can at this stage, im fighting some battle in my head because I didn’t sleep well when im little”.

xom_mie said, “Allow the fine baby to sleep please😍😍”.

pinzle_ceo said, “All this 2020 parents 😂😂😂”.

tdaofficial1 said, “When she wake up , you go still try to make her stop crying”.


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