“Abuse of power” – Video trends as military man lands a punch on the face of a woman at her shop, refuses to pay (Video)

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A video is making the rounds on social media that reveal the moment an acclaimed military man abused his power by landing a punch on the face of a woman at her shop.

In the trending video, the Nigerian woman was seen crying out in pain at her shop after she was left with a swollen face following the punch by the military man.

Narrating the story, the woman disclosed that she is in her shop hustling for her daily bread when the military man comes to get goods from her.

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After the military man gets what he wants from her shop, the lady claimed that he refuses to pay by wanting to take it away for free.

This action by the military man did not sit well with the woman and by extension decided to challenge him only for him to physically abuse her.

As of the moment of recording the video of how she was abused by the military man to Nigerians and the government, people in the environment were already seen resolving the matter.

Watch the video below;


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See reactions below;

dr_godwin: This man is in serious trouble and he could be dismissed if you just go straight to the barracks and report to the CO of the unit he is serving and they will ask him to pay you and jail him up. Nigeria Army is a very disciplined organization, it’s some homeless sojars that making it look scary outside the barracks.

nma_kocha: You don’t have money to pay someone for her goods and you still have amadionha hand to give person this type of satanic blow.

egwuattu: check oh, you fit don get internal bleeding 😂.

jessilious: I am sure he stole that uniform…. He his definitely not a soldier…

god_dorta: A woman hustling for daily bread was physically attacked and you guys are laughing in the comment section???

hotboy_szn: The blow loud🤣🤣🤣.

official_queenbenita:  Who still beats a woman ?🤕.

riri_ejims:  Una sure say no be thief in disguise? I don’t think a real Soldier can do this thing na.

senkoya_michael: Let me educate you on how to lodge complaints against a Military for harassment and unprofessional conduct. Take note of the soldier’s name, rank and make note of the time, date and place where the issue was occurred. Look for witnesses that can corroborate the complaints you are making. Afterwards, write a letter enunciating what transpired between you and the military man, the witness can also write additional statements but mind you may include additional evidence like pictures or videos to buttress your point. Then send it to Nigerian Army Human Right Desk. Ensure you get a response, perhaps you can’t get go through these stress, you can still sue a soldier in the court of law to enforce your rights.

magdalaofficial2:  First of all this man is fake becos I am a barrack girl and my dad is a soldier and one thing I know for sure is that a soldier is not even allowed to beat women, secondly this man might be parading with this uniform causing trouble here and there and today his cup is full cos this is the character of a thief! He’s denting the image of Nigerian soldiers! He should be arrested for theft and impersonation biko! This is how even dismissed soldiers go about causing havoc with their former uniforms!

uncle_muri’: Oga soldier you have lost your job 😂.

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