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Actress Yvonne Jegede calls out her ex-husband Olakunle Fawole for neglecting their 4-yr-old son (Video)

In a recent statement, popular Nollywood actress, Yvonne Jegede for the first time opened up on her relationship with ex-husband Olakunle ‘Abounce’ Fawole.

Yvonne Jegede during an interview on the show Mercys Menu hosted by her colleague, Mercy Johnson Okojie said her ex-husband has neglected their 4-year-old son noting that he doesn’t wan to him.

Speaking on the relationship with her ex-husband when she was asked by Mercy Johnson, Yvonne Jegede said it was a phase she really appreciated because of the experience she gathered from it.

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She said that she doesn’t really want to talk about it because the relationship didn’t work out and it’s something they can’t force as they are on different pages, not reading the same book and by extension no future in their union.

She said that before they get married they were very close friends and this makes them best friends for years. When he asked him out, she accepted his request to marry him as she disclosed that he was a man that has good mind, sympathy, humanity and when they get married she found out that he is for another person, not for her and they had to go their separate ways.

Speaking further Yvonne Jegede noted that her first reaction was fear when she decided that they were not working out and needed to part ways. 

According to her, she was fearful of what people would say. She also added that people who judged her were not in the marriage to see how things were going for her. Jegede however admitted that there was no domestic violence or anything of the sort. 

Whiel on the show, Yvonne Jegede says that she is so happy she has moved on from the marriage without considering what people were saying as she asserts that if she had stayed back she won’t be a happy person by now.

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The actress noted that she and her ex-husband no longer have a relationship and they do not even talk. She however wondered how a friendship like theirs that was so solid could degenerate to the point where it is now. 

In her words; “We don’t talk. He doesn’t come around, he doesn’t call, he doesn’t do nothing. I don’t know what it is that could cause a friendship… because apart from the marriage, we had a good, very solid friendship. I think I still look at that friendship and believe this thing wey we dey experience now, we no suppose to, at least that friendship wey we get supposed to cover up for somethings. He no dey call. 

Yvonne Nelson also spoke during the show on how she had to give her ex-husband an ultimatum before he finally publicly accepted that he was the father of their son. According to her, she threatened to remove Abounce’s surname from their son’s names if he clocked 5 and his father still did not check on him. 

She uttered, “Even the first time wey he come house, when he finally publicly accept say na him pikin I born, I give am ultimatum say if he no come, once my pikin reach five years, I go remove his surname comot for him name because I get to put Jegede Fawole for there because I know as I take suffer go America go born the pikin.

“I suffer, I clear my account say this America, my pikin must get another passport. I say as long as na only me carry this problem emotionally, financially, otherwise, I’m going to put my name with his surname, so I put a compound name, Jegede Fawole.”

Jegede noted that after that, Abounce came to see the boy and he was just 5 months old at the time. She also explained that it was the last time the actor ever set his eyes on their son and that all efforts to get him to see the child since then had proved abortive. 

The actress explained that she had always dreaded when her son would ask her about his father and it already happened so she reached out to Abounce’s brother to tell the actor that his son had been asking for him. Despite that, the actor refused to show up and from his brother’s response, it was clear Abounce was not interested in seeing their son. 

She added; “Your gift is in my hand yet you don’t care. You see, one moment I dreaded the most is for my child to wake up one day and ask where is my father and it has started happening. 

One day when he asked, I had to send messages to his siblings to ask him to come and check up on him but it yielded no result. It was so bad that my father had to represent my son at school for a father’s day event they recently had. It was embarrassing for me but I’m waiting to see when he will show up or if he wouldn’t till the boy turns 18.” 

Watch the video below (swipe to view);

See reactions that have started trailing the video of Yvonne Jegede and Mercy Johnson below;

jforjayana: How people go from being bestfriends to sworn enemies will always be a mystery. You have a problem with her but your child did absolutely nothing to you. Be involved in your child’s life. He didnt ask to be born.

wemstar_: I dnt want a man as disappointment, God 🙏.

kingnexa: If you knew you wanted a father’s love for your son, then you should have stayed back😠.

topemobayo: After you shut the guy out, you are now here to accuse him of neglecting his son. Hogwash.

awesome_timsquare: i hope he sees this and comes for his son.

carist_6: The last slide na when some of una here na shout God when?😂.

Tawa Adeyanju: Thanks, Mercy Johnson Okojie for bringing us the best of meals always, and thanks for bringing my gal Yvonne Jegede. I love her so much! Having to bear children for the wrong person. I am wearing same shoe but God Almighty is our strength. The children are not bastards. Trust me, God is got our back..


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