“Alexx is not gay, Fancy sleeps with him in January when they reconciled” – Alexx Ekubo’s sister, Ifeoma (Audio)

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In a recent statement, Ifeoma, the sister of popular Nollywood actor, Alexx Ekubo has debunked the rumour making the rounds online that her brother is a gay.

Ifeoma during an online interview with  Obodo Oyibo TV claims that Fancy Acholonu and her brother sleeps with each other when they reconciled in January as she further noted that Fancy is absolutely lying.

Recall Intel Region had earlier reported that Fancy Acholonu during an interview with popular Nigerian blogger, Stella dimoko korkus revealed that Alexx Ekubo refused to get intimate with her for the five years they dated, which sparked a number of internet rumours about the actor.

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According to her, Alex said he wanted to be celibate because of his religious beliefs.The America-based model said the whole experience was quite confusing for her, and it affected her self-esteem because she kept herself for Alexx.

However, while netizens made different inferences from Fancy’s claim, and some went as far as suggesting he’s homosexual.

Alex Ekubo’s sister, Ifeoma during the online audio interview fumes as she tried to clear the air on the ongoing shenanigans between her brother and his ex-fiancée, Fancy Acholonu.

Alexx’s sister said she doesn’t understand why Fancy made a statement which has now made people begin to question the sexuality of her brother. She insists her brother isn’t gay as the genes for being gay don’t run in their family.

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See how social media users react below;

remiokike: Honestly. This right here is the problem. If truly this man is what they say he is, this charade going on with his sister is one of the reasons he’d never own up. And if they say is true, it means that as long he pretends to be what he is not, more women will suffer emotional damage from that relationship. I’m wishing both parties well. ❤️.

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sxxyorobo700: Nigerians and hypocrisy yesterday fancy was spilling people were supporting and applauding her without hearing alex’s side of story now a family member is defending him today the same people are complaining she should stop why?so she can’t defend her relative but fancy has the right to spill hmmmm Nigerians let pick a struggle pls.

simply__musah: A lot of people need to be schooled on so many things and this right here is inclusive.. When it’s a woman,y’all won’t pass blind judgment but hey!!! Once it’s a man, Boom y’all will start talking gibberish.. only God knows the kind of accolades that who’ve been accorded to her if she was the one that said No sex till marriage. Her sexuality won’t be questioned.

gracciellaayuk: Privacy is a luxury that is highly underrated. One thing with me once you are my friend and I noticed you update the media too much, I will cut you off. Because we all have something we are proud and not proud of. If a relationship isn’t working kindly go peacefully with your respect intact. Because they’re some battles you need to choose wisely and some you leave to God….

raihaana5: First of all, he can choose to be whatever he wants to be, is no one’s business and gay people are humans again you can’t lie forever as speculations can end up being fact.

_mazimillian: E no possible to be in a relationship for 5 years without sex… that girl no sabi lai.. if na 6 months I fit believe am.. Wetin them come Dey do together ?.

iamoyanu: Alex is gay! Alex live your truth! Your family and society will adjust, most importantly, anty Ifeoma will adjust after another failed relationship or marriage crops up in the future! Gay men never stay in marriage!!

shanddie_xx: Nobody should bash this woman…fancy has been talking since and no one is saying anything ?u knew he was g*y and manipulative and u still went back to him?? Is that not sounding weird??there is something they re not saying sha.

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