Bewaji better go and edit your birthday message or pack out of my house – Portable fumes over “Queen of herself” comment (Video)

All is not going well presently in the household of popular Nigeria singer Portable as he continues to fume over his wife Bewaji birthday message to herself.

Recall in a previous post Intel Region reported that Portable’s wife Bewaji clocks a new age today, April 19th, 2024 and by extension flooded her Instagram page with new photos where she describes herself as “Queen of herself”

Bewaji wrote; “Still my day ( THE QUEEN OF HERSELF) I am grateful 🥲 for the incredible journey of the life and the person I have become. On this special day.🫢 ( I LOVE 🤍 EVERYTHING ABOUT ME).😒✌️.”

This birthday message did not go down well with Portable who feels excluded over the “Queen of herself” comment.

According to the singer, he was expecting Queen of king Portable or Queen of King Zazoo and not the contrary as she wrote.

Fuming harder, Portable accuses his wife of disrespecting him stressing that he is the one who makes her to be where she is today.

Portable wrote; “Queen of your self?????, Sha calm down make them no use you get me 🦅🦅🦅🦅, I don’t understand why you call yourself queen of yourself, Try to dey appreciate who appreciate you.”

He added; “The family I come from we don’t take shit. If them dey call you strong woman na me make you strong if I dey respect you make you self respect yourself.”

While the above statements were just the beginning, Portable in a new video instructed his wife Bewaji to edit her birthday message statement “Queen of herself” or she should pack out of his house when she returns from South Africa.

Portable stressed that she has several queens apart from Bewaji he is taking care of adding that failure to obey his instruction will result in her being replaced by the those queens outside.

Portable further added that Bewaji’s friends are the ones misleading her not knowing that her advisers are interested in sleeping with him.

In his words; “Bewaji you better go and edit your birthday message, Or pack out of my house right away, how dare you say you are a Queen of yourself, well thank God I have many queens, All your friends advising and misleading you want to sleep with me, If you like do not do what I have instructed you to do, Plènty women to replace you they outside and you will never return back to my mansion.”

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

eyinjuoluwaa001: Who has read this book “Our husband has gone mad again”? 😂😂😂.

arikeade.x.x: We no go marry rubbish button >>>>.

iameniolamyde: I’ll say this once again , do not ever allow any human play God in your life …

mandy__chuks: All portable wives deyy collect wotowoto from him 😂 They all need cartons of lucozade boast for more energy 😂🙌❤️.

medicoolbohz’:  Lowkey this guy is a bitter person, don’t be f00led by all the Dawo dawo.

nnenna_blinks_’: The one that got away is the one that húrt the most. When they know they have no powèr over you, it makes them losè their mind. Queen of Herself has refused to be your Queen Akoi Grace. And if it was possible to replace her as you mentioned. You won’t be here ránting like a mênta| home escapee.

shes__precious__: Of all days to showcase his werey, he chose today his wife’s birthday🤦‍♀️ only God knows what that lady has been through behind camera💔.

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