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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Burundi man who lives as a woman for 25 years, opens up in a viral video

A Burundi man, Minani Samuel, popularly called Baby told the story behind how  he lived as a woman for the past 25 years

Samuel, 45 years old man with 4 kids, has been known to dress like a woman, acts like a woman and even speaks like a woman.

In the video that he was exclusively interviewed, Samuel stated that he shares clothes with his wife, the mother of his children, Irambona Denyse.

On her defense of her becoming woman, he mentioned that, “The country has faced several civil wars that took the lives of many has destroyed a lot of infrastructures”. He was saved from killing by dressing like a woman.

During the time of the war, Samuel listened to his consciousness saying, ” Men were the main targets at the period’.

For his own protection, he disguised as a woman by dressing and acting like women. he said, “When the perpetrators entered the house and asked for the houseboy, he responded that they are only girls that live here”.

Samuel acting like a woman doesn’t stop him from doing his responsibilities as a man. He said he and his wife love each other and he shares her  clothes with her. Watch video below

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Samuel’s family are happy with the head of the house acting like a woman but he didn’t neglect his responsibilites

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