CEO Bukka Hut, Billionaire Laolu Martins commits suicide after battling depression

Laolu Martins, an investment banking expert, who was also the co-founder and executive director of Bukka Hut, has passed on.

Bukka Hut is a restaurant that offers a wide variety of tasty homemade meals. Martins reportedly ended it all in his home in the early hours of Tuesday around 3am after giving up on his alleged long-fought battle against depression.

A Chartered stockbroker and a Chartered Accountant with 12 years of experience in investment banking, corporate banking, stockbroking, asset management and pension fund management, Martins started his career with PricewaterhouseCoopers in 1999.

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He joined Investment Banking & Trust Company Plc now Stanbic IBTC Bank Plc where he served in the Financial Control and Trade Finance/Foreign Operations units of the Bank before being seconded to Stanbic IBTC Asset Management Ltd where at various times he was Financial Controller, Head Asset Management and lastly Head Stockbroking. Until his de@th, Laolu was the CEO of Nigeria International Security Limited (NISL).

A Twitter user identified as @UnlimitedEniola tweeted; “Founder of Bukka Hut, commits suicide. The founder of Bhukka hospitality limited, Laolu Martins was said to have committed suicide around 3.a.m today in Lekki, Lagos. So sad.

A friend of his and other sources claimed he committed suicide for a reason I don’t want to state here.

His partner and Co-Founder of Bukka Hut, Rasheed Jayeola, who only recently led his team to open their 15th outlet in the Ikorodu part of Lagos State.”

See screenshot below;


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See reactions that follow the death of CEO Bukka Hut, Billionaire Laolu Martins below;

dukeofspadess: This is so sad ! He was a great guy 🕊 Rest Well Bro.

hypemanguru: Even with the money he has? I thought money could solve all problems, what are we even living for then?

poshest_hope: Depression is real. Thank God for my family and few true friends. I’d have been 6 feet below the ground now .

travisgramelanin: ” he tried so H A R D and GOT so F A R but in the E N D it doesn’t even MATTER ” in respect to the LINKIN’ PARK 🎶💔.

egoumez: Even with all the money and success 😢depression is real.

thefemalestoreng:  Are you guys sure it was suicide or made to look like suicide?

diva__ella: This is so sad😢💔. People are fighting unseen battl£s everyday but cover it up with a smile. That’s why the least we could do is be kind to everyone. Things like giving compliments, trying to lend a helping hand (not necessarily in financial terms only), tell people you’re proud of them and remind them of how far they’ve come in their journey, remind them that everything will be alright and better someday and just provide support in your own way. It doesn’t cost much to be kind. Don’t think because they are rich or always wearing a smile that they’re okay with how their life is going. Money ain’t everything but rather inner peace, happiness and fulfillment. Nobody has it all.

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