Dancer Korra Obi calls out ex-husband over failure to pay 50% of their child’s school fees (Video)

Famous Nigerian dancer Korra Obi calls out ex husband for failing to pay 50% of their child’s school fees.

In an online video, Korra claimed that Justin Dean has neglected his responsibilities to contribute to their children’s healthcare, food, and other essential needs. She revealed that she received a notification from their daughter June’s school, stating that Justin hadn’t fulfilled his obligation to pay his share of her school fees, putting her at risk of expulsion.

Korra emphasized that her only request is for Justin to fulfill his financial responsibilities for the well-being and support of their children.

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She said if Justin has money to pay a lawyer, why can’t he pay $850.

‘’I have been paying for June’s school fees from July. Infact, he just stopped paying and didn’t tell anybody until the school sent me an email that they were going to expel June from school. So I told them ‘Please, send me all the bills he hasn’t paid’ and then moving forward from then, I started to pay in full from the middle of the year until this end of the year and still he has not not paid. I am not lying, I have receipts of the payment’. I have no business with this man if it is not for my daughters.’


Speaking further, she said

‘’Thank God for independence and thank God for him saving me. I have no business with him, I can take care of myself. I don’t your alimony, I don’t want your child support. I just want you to pay your 50%’’

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See reactions below;

moyotheshawty: Honestly as a woman that have seen what mothers with deadbeat fathers go through in the US, I commend the maturity of this lady. Omooooo because she’s trying, please make him sign over all his rights and take him to court for back payment. He is claiming doctor werey ti o nise lowo. I would suggest to move cities as well, move to a cheaper state honestly as it would be for the best.

duke_of_unilag: What a man can do a woman can do better, men single handedly do all this without complaining.

mista.mikel: Strong woman abeg go pay, this is what MEN do on dailies without any complaints. Even pay for the wife and the wife’s family. Strong woman please pay without complain.

khay_chopchopchop:  When you were leaving him you did not think ? Or you think most of our mothers did not know what it took to submit to their husbands? Do am if he easy madam 😢.

ijehdeblessed: Justin will find it very difficult to pay. Men who focus on their wife’s income never want to pay anything towards their child’s welfare. The money korra makes peppers him and he will find it extremely difficult to spend money on his kids. I bet u he wasn’t really paying anything when they were together, why do u think he will now? Na 4 mouth he dey love his kids, it’s obvious that’ he’s irresponsible and wicked. He doesn’t like what she does on social media but he loves the money she gets from it.

talk_to_counsellor_mary:  From the comments I will like to advice women who do not have kids, marriage or no marriage, have the number of kids you can comfortably cater for alone. If you’re married with a child and your husband provides, that’s great! Let him provide but still build your own income as well to have the capacity to cater for that one… if your husband suggests he wants another child, before you accept, have plans on how to increase your income to comfortably accommodate a second child. Nobody prays for divorce, those who are divorced didn’t wish for it, life happens but know that once you bring children into this world, the primary responsibility is on you as a mother… the society will always excuse the men…na you go suffer am. Many women are trapped in toxic marriages because they cannot cater for the kids alone, Once again, as a woman, have serious financial plans before having kids, e get why.

blisscakesandevent: Imagine see comment He needs to pay for child support that guy doesn’t deserve Korra one bit All of Una wen Dey connect these rubbish May bad marriage not happen to you cos she’s handling it the best way she can.

kingofficialfatalist2:  You wanna be independent woman but your skin no full 🤣🤣🤣Naso e Dey easy to be independent woman ..any woman wey no wan Dey submissive to men deh suffer baje baje if you see their life e no Dey make sense ! No matter how e wan be you need a man in your life as a woman !! Women needs men more than men needs women !! That’s the fact !! If you think say you wan Dey follow men Dey drag equality las las oju iyalayaeee mabo men will always have many chances !!! Independent women eyes deh see shege banza 🤣all these new hene.

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