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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Davido changes a disabled Nigerian businessman by liking his tweet (Video)

Physically challenged 33 year-old Nigerian man, Adebisi Michael, who owned a viewing center narrated the story behind how davido changed his life by just liking his tweet.

In his interview with BBCnewspidgin, Adebisi Micheal said that he was privileged to post his tweet and Davido liking it.

He said that it all started when a brother showed him Davido’s tweet on March 16 2022 that says, “Country hard right now sha… let’s give 20m to 20 people this Friday… send in your business ideas or start up ideas… more details shortly”.

He said that he sent his own viewing center business idea. Funny enough, Davido only liked the tweet but different Nigerians reached out to him promising him lots of stuffs and then fulling them

He further said that he was amazed with the turn out as there are still Nigerians that are generous.

Micheal did mention also that his disability was not from birth. His paralysis started while he slept and woke up to find out that he can’t walk with his legs and some other organs not functioning at the age of 6. With all his mother’s effort for him to be an able-bodied man, it all went to no avail.

According to him, he has been on job hunting since he finished from Obafemi Awolowo University as an Industrial chemist. He started doing some small business like making izal, air freshener and liquid soap and he marketed them.

He explained that he accepted the business from someone that is not ready to do the business.

Speaking of challenges he do face at work, he says, “the business place is a small rural area where he is limited to just three club matches to show”.

He also mentioned that people’s thoughts about the first sight of him being disabled. Watch the video below

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Different reactions from the netizens are as follows;

@jayythedope said, “Thanks to Davido for putting out a tweet like that”.

@Odogwu_Rico commented, “pls how can i get his tweeter handle make i shake small body support him business”.

@PhungeRose said, “Wow this is touching especially the last part. Shows you are willing to work for yourself and you didn’t allow your condition determine you. May God help you expand more”.

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