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Despite dating for 5 years, Husband dissolves one month marriage after discovering wife is Osu – a woman reserved to for “the gods”

A post have stirred massive reactions as a Nigerian man ended his one month marriage with his new wife after discovering she is an Osu by the Igbo culture.

According to Guardian reports, Osu is an ancient practice in Igbo tradition that discourages social interaction and marriage with a group of people. They are referred to as outcasts as they are found in the outskirts and fringes of the community. 

Osu are called “less human” because they are basically dedicated to deities called Alusis in Igboland. They are not allowed to marry free born as they are made to live separately from them. They live near the shrine and marketplaces.

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Taking to microblogging social media, a lady identified as @_Oluchy narrated her cousin’s story who happened to fall victim marrying an Osu after dating for 5 years. She advised men to ask the rightful questions before they go into marriage.

In her words, “So my cousin just called me from Abj telling me his newly married wife just left. A woman he’s dated for 5years and they recently tied the knot over there. 😩”

“Apparently he found out she’s an outcast (osu). Man didn’t ask questions, just went straight and got married. 🤦”.

She furthered, “I asked him why he never asked when they were dating, he said he didn’t think she’d be one. Now a one month wedding has been dissolved just like that. See ehn asking your partner some questions before marriage is very important o”.


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“Lol. A full breed marrying an outcast has consequences, it’s not about new generation or old generation. It is what it is. No matter how we package it. Even though it’s been nullified, it’ll be very difficult to let go. I didn’t make the rules, so don’t come here to insult me”.

“No one discriminates anyone. They can vibe, but can’t marry. That’s all. When y’all are done crying here, take an osu to your people for marriage, come back and tell us the outcome”.

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The post caused lot of debates between the netizens as some blamed the husband for dissolving the marriage while some blamed the wife. Some reactions are shown below:

@Juicceyy said, “Hm, so is there like a rule or law or sumn that disallows people from your tribe to get married to outsiders? And 5 good years of dating without the bringing up the discourse of origin!? Were they playing?”

@Ixora_bites said, “My brother’s friend married an Osu(as their village claimed) , he left last two years to U.S, family is doing very great… No one was ever created an Outcast… It is a name you people decide to wake up and dash people.. The Osu laws is for poor Igbo people”.

@Ikesmarto said, “Osu is no racism. Osu is not discrimination. No one hate you because they can’t marry you. In Umuenwelum Anam in Anambra west they don’t marry themselves.. they marry outsiders. Let Osu marry Osu make everyone rest”.

@Vigourjr said, “She left cuz she’s Osu or your cousin sent her away with negative remarks and all that?”

@rufus_ekene said, “She should have told him about her self before going ahead to marry him, she is at fault too. Maybe if she had told him maybe he might still go on with the marriage, but the news came as a shock to him”.


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