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“Don’t shower too much love on boyfriend if you want him to marry you” – Nigerian lady advises women

A Nigerian lady, Ugochi, has resorted to social media to share her experience with her ex-boyfriend and expressed her thoughts on how women may get over failed relationships.

Ugochi revealed that her boyfriend dumped her because she played the role of a wife instead of staying as a girlfriend.

She stated that sometimes men do not dump their lovers because the love was not enough but for the reason that their lovers lavished them with love.

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Sharing on the app, Ugochi said, “After my ex boyfriend served me breakfast, I was surprised because I thought I was doing all the things I was supposed to be doing as a great girlfriend”.

“But after sometime, I started seeing all the things I was doing wrong when I was with him. Ladies, sometimes, men dump you not because you are not loving him enough but because you are loving him too much!”

“I realized I was playing the role of a wife instead of a girlfriend and that’s what got me dumped! If you are a girlfriend, you have no business playing the role of a wife. I was doing too much 🤦🏽‍♀️💔”.

Social media users reacted to the tweep as many expressed their thoughts about the situation.

See her post below:

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Some reactions generated are shown below:

@_therealade said, “I don’t think men dump you for doing too much. Because what exactly is doing too much?? Maybe man dumped you for other stupid reasons but I doubt if it’s for doing too much.”

@mentalgod_ said, “He dumped you. He didn’t need you acting like a wife cause he wasn’t going to settle down with you. A man that loves you will never think you’re doing too much. Last Last….”

@OkSydney said, “This lady spoke an unusual truth. Don’t counter it. It’s not a rule btw. But most men don’t need a wife role when you are supposed to be a girlfriend. It exposes the lady to being manipulated & used by dependent pussified males.”

@chieffybi said, “Men break up with ladies for many reasons, but certainly not for “doing too much.” What does doing too much involves sef? Maybe he didn’t see a future with you, or he stopped loving you, or someone else came into the picture; but I doubt if it’s because you were doing too much.”

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