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“From Grass to Grace” – 22-year-old man reveals how he became company manager after working as security guard for years

Agata Joseph became a man of two worlds, having started out in the doldrums and worked his way up the corporate ladder to become a successful automobile sales manager at the age of 22.

In an interview with a reporter in TUKO.co.ke’s (Kenyan widely read news media), Hillary Lisimba, Agata revealed that his life journey began when he finished form four in 2018.

Agata hailed from a poor background, his parents were unable to raise fees to enable him further his education, so he chose to look for odd jobs.

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He fled the village in search of a better life in Nairobi. Even as a security guard, it was difficult to find work without college credentials or a godfather.

He said, “Most security companies rejected me due to my age and height. I was lucky that, in 2020, Intercity Security gave me a job after pleading with them”.

Agata claimed that after listening to his story, the manager informed him that a car showroom on Kiambu road was looking for a night shift security.


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Agata added, “He asked if I would take the position, and I answered yes, despite the fact that the distance was too much for me because I live in Githurai 44 and the assignment was on Kiambu road.”

He claimed that his life’s problems had reduced him to accepting anything that came his way, no matter how inconvenient it was.

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That was the start of Agata’s daily travel to and from work, unaware that his hard work and discipline were being recognized by his superiors.

In 2021, he was promoted from security to car detailer at Motorhub on Kiambu Road, and things started looking up for him. He performed a good job and thanked God for elevating him, saying his mother was pleased when he told her.

Even in his wildest fantasies, Agata never anticipated he’d be promoted to stock manager at the car yard seven months later.

he recalled with joy, “I recall being in a meeting on a Friday in February this year when the manager revealed that Agata had been promoted”.

He would soon be assigned an office, something he claims he still doesn’t entirely comprehend. Even coworkers who had previously looked down on him were struck dumbfounded by the promotion.

According to him. “This was too much for me to take, I told God. You can think that I’m 22 years old and already have a job “He ended by thanking his boss for believing in him and pledging to do even better in the future.


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