Guinness World Record: “Take down that video” – Reactions trail video of Hilda Baci about eating dog meat (Video)

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Record breaker Hilda Baci has once again got many people talking online following her recent video with Instagram influencer Enioluwa.

In the recent video, Chef Hilda Baci and Enioluwa were seen showcasing seven (7) Akwa-Ibom food present on their table one of which Dog meat was present.

In the video, Enioluwa who is well known to be a food enthusiast shows huge resistance toward eating a dog meat for the first time until Chef Hilda forces it on him.

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Recall that Hilda Baci becomes one of the trending conversations online after she breaks Guinness World record and set a new one by completing 100 hours of non-stop cooking by a single individual.

However, the new video of Hilda Baci eating a cooked dog stirred controversies as it did not sit well with some critics.

According to some internet users in some other parts of the world it is cruel to kill animals such as dogs unnecessarily talkless of eating them.

Some social media users however supported her as they noted that eating dogs is a normal thing in Akwa-Ibom where Hilda Baci hails from and she doesn’t need to be ashamed about it.

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A Twitter user identified as @UncleCCA tweeted; “Hilda Baci need to be very carefully. The dog meat video is a bad taste for her brand internationally. There things she needs to avoid. Dog is not seen as animals to kill and eat. It is a very sensitive video and it’s in her best interest to take it down.”

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See other reactions below;

brownskyn_1:  Even if international Bodies don’t give 2fucks about you, Nigerians will report you to them.. we cannot stay with our own till the very end lai lai, we always back out mid way.. smh.. I pity Obi sha.. make that guy make one mistake like this then go change mouth sharp.

araireoluwapo27′:  There’s nothing wrong with eating dogs , some villages and town have festive period for it . They kill and eat them . Ke ko fucking danu !! As if other creatures weren’t harmless when they were made for consumption.

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obie1001:  She wan us her hand ruin Wetin sh don build… I been de reason to go chop for her restaurant but with this video Abeg o make I no go chop Wetin I no know…

@HeyaEmma: I’m personally against the consumption of dog meat, but are you going to stop eating beef because it is offensive to 1.2 billion people? Your comments are geared towards the western gaze and that’s in poor taste. Let’s apply a little cultural sensitivity here and respect hers.

@Osagiemerry:  If eating dog meat is animal cruelty then, eating fish, Cow meat, Goat, Chicken is animal cruelty. In Indian Cows are worshipped it is sacred as such they worship it and can’t be eaten. In another part of Africa Chiken is seen as precious Birds it is forbidden to kill it. In Igbo land Python is seen as gods killing it is forbidden much more eating it. What rock your boat will sink mine. I have eaten Dog, snake, Cow, Goat, chicken, but there are some animals I don’t eat and I won’t stop others from eating it.

sassbyday’:  Calabar people eat dogs and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Mr adviser goan advice Chinese people to stop eating raw frogs first ??.

@governoor1: @UncleCCA Nah una go still use una hand draw the attention of the international community with all these una tweet, why don’t you enter her dm or have someone close to her talk to her about it.

dxoese:  Nigerians smh ??‍♂️. Love y’all but you people always prove that you are aren’t exposed and open minded that much. Goats and rabbits are pets in other cultures and countries but some of you eat them. Dogs are eaten by some cultures all over the world. If you don’t like it, it doesn’t mean you should bash someone’s preference for it. Y’all should grow up. Unless there are laws in your country protecting dogs she isn’t doing anything wrong.

@replyOtu:  It is important to recognize and respect the diversity of cultures and traditions around the world. In the case of Akwa Ibom people in Nigeria, the consumption of wild dogs is indeed a part of their cultural practices and has been for generations. 1/2.

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