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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Netizens react as Nigerian soldier lands destabilizing slaps on man’s face for putting hand on his colleague’s shoulder (Video)

A Nigerian man has gotten the beating of his life from an army man who disciplined him for his misconduct.

The video which was shared on Instagram elicited controversial reactions from netizens as the soldier rearranges the poor man’s face.

In the video, two Nigerian soldiers were spotted in their army uniform and were having a conversation with the civilian.

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The man, who looked engrossed in their conversation, touched one of the soldiers by his shoulder. This got him some beatings from the other soldier.

The Army man gave him a destabilizing slap and queried him for touching the officer before landing another hot slap on his face.

Most likely, the man regretted his decision to interact with the military officers after a brutal treatment he received.

Social media users expressed their disappointment as they compared Nigerian soldier with other countries while some reacted in a funny way.

Watch the video below: 

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Some reactions generated are shown below:

kerry__mg said, “Why foreign soldiers no dey behave like this, na bcos say naija na jungle? Tf”.

nwaosigwe said, “This is Really Heart Breaking 😢”.

basybruce_ said, “Omo na mad slap o .. e shift am go front ASAP 😆”.

temitopeadeusi said, “Nigerian police and military have a wrong mindset . They think to become a military man means to oppress and behave as you like.”

la_fresh_la_tinny said, “Waiting this guy smoke ?😂😂😂😂😂”.

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