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Thursday, September 23, 2021

“Guys my life is in danger” – Actress, Evan Okoro cries out for help after she was nearly killed over her new movie (Video)

Nollywood actress, Evan Okoro has cried out for help after alleging that some people are planning to kill her because of her newly released movie ‘Bigo Madness.’

The actress took to her official Instagram page to lament. She said her life is in danger and has begged Nigerians to come to her rescue.

She said; Guys my life is in danger, I don’t think I’m safe anymore, they want to kill me because of the movie that I produced tittle BIGO MADNESS, they ask me to pull down the movie or they will end my life, that they don’t want the app to go viral….. please I needhelp, am at the police station right now, scared of going back home.” 

Watch the video below;

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See reactions the video generated from social media users below;

omalicha55: Pls let us know what we can do to help…

chizzyalichi: How can we help u my dear/what can we do to help. Your line has been busy.

mr_update20: This Nollywood people, are u people not United??? help ur colleague na

mhizbeauty_official1: Evan if they are still threatening you please remove it your life first

cytnthia: The person who want to kill you they are just around you. N they want to eat alone be careful not to trust who ever you are calling now.

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