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Heavily pregnant lady narrates how her mum misled travelers who parked to ask for road instead of giving her a ride

A lady has revealed how her mother misled some selfish men who asked for direction on the road instead of giving her ride.

The woman, identified only as @fingertaints, was 9 months pregnant at the time and struggling with a flat tire alongside with her son and her mum on one side of the road.

According to her, A car with four men stopped by their sides with the intention of asking for directions to a local golf course instead of rendering help.

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Instead of assisting them in getting to the hospital, the men, who were inside a car, stopped by and asked for directions. This enraged her mother, who promptly retaliated by sending them 15 miles in the wrong route.

In her words; “When I was 9 months pregnant with my son, my mom & I were on the side of the road, struggling with a flat. A car with 4 men stopped, not to help, but to ask for directions to a local golf course. My mom sent them 15 miles in the wrong direction. She is the legend who shaped me”. See her post below:


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Reacting to the post, many netizens shared their opinions. Some claimed that the men have no blame while some hailed the mother and they shared their experiences. Some reactions are shown below:

@Asdfghjklzxtbyt said, “Reminds me of when i was at the DMV and was 9 months pregnant. It was packed, all seats taken. I stood for 35 min. As soon as someone stood up, a black woman went for their chair and yelled “what is WRONG WITH YALL?!” And walked the chair over to me. Had the baby 5 days later”.

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@mithamosays said, “Both of you are dumb but it is fine you like it and think it is a genius move… lol”.

@tylern_215 said, “Why should they help you? The had plans and a tee time to make It too!”

@shannsmith18 said, “One year on a school field trip, the line from the women’s bathroom was at least 50 ppl long while the men’s room had zero line. My mom grabbed our hands, marched right over and yelled “Women coming in! Cover yourselves boys!” And proceeded to usher girl after girl. My hero”.

@ShanMR42 said, “My mom did that to a softball game. My brother’s game had been called for lightning. She raced across town to get to me and found my team still on the field. Was told it was up to the Umpire. Marched out there and pulled me off the field and the other mothers followed suit”.

@kaala8081 said, “My Mom’s words of advice that I am passing along..
‘NEVER move from your father’s house to your husband’s home. Make it on your own first so you know you have options and can leave later.’ ‘You can always come home, no judgments no guilt, no questions.’ ‘Abuse is just physical”.

@joke2power said, “My mom called off a little league football game. Cold Nov day, a huge down pour, she walks to mid-field as coaches/refs were trying to decide what to do. She walks up, points at us shivering, “ALL THESE KIDS ARE GONNA GET PNEUMONIA! THIS GAME IS CANCELED!” Refs called the game”.



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