I am ready to die but everybody that bullied and defamed me won’t go scot free – Toyin Abraham (Video)

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Renowned Nollywood actress and film producer Toyin Abraham has continued to fume online as she made it clear that she is prepared to face any challenge but will not let those who have bullied and defamed her escape without consequences.

The beautiful mother of one revealed in a live session that she has been pushed by social media users and ready to die but people bullying her will not go scot free.

Her bold statement came after an X user called her out for arresting his mother, urging the movie star to arrest everyone on social media platform.

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Replying to him, Toyin clarified that she never arrested his mother and only made a report of cybercrime as a citizen.

However, it appeared that the pressure she is getting from the internet became worse, which made her more furious.

Expressing her frustration, she revealed that she is tired of being bullied. According to her, many people were paid to bully her online and wished her family die.

She went on to say that she had not committed any crime, but netizens were bent on dragging her over her political choices. Toyin Abraham explained that she followed due process to get her bullies apprehended. According to the mum of one, she wrote a petition to the cybercrimes unit and also presented them with screenshots of tweets made by her bullies. Abraham also shut down claims that she collected money during the election. However, she noted that the truth would soon be revealed to the public because her trolls were actually paid to target her.

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In her words, “I also have a mother, I will never arrest anybody’s mother, I never did. It’s a different thing when you commit a crime, when you are a criminal and you do something bad and people are dragging you for it that it’s time for you to pay for the crime. I have not committed any crime, I have only exercised my democratic right and they keep bullying me. I came on social media to beg everybody to leave me the hell alone. If you must know, you people that are bullying me, even me I have almost dropped dead, I also want to die, I am ready to die, but before I do, a lot of you bullies, we will die together. Right now, you guys have pushed me to the wall, I have become a mad person, I want to die, I don’t mind, I wish to die the way I am because you guys have pushed me to the wall. I did not commit any crime, I only exercised my rights. I came out and kept telling you guys that I did not collect any money.”

Watch the video below:

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