“I need a girl child badly” – Crossdresser Bobrisky cries out as he begins search for a surrogate

Controversial Nigerian crossdresser, Idris Okuneye, popularly known as Bobrisky has began a search for surrogate.

The socialite revealed that he is desperately in need of a girl child, whom he will spoil and will all of his properties.

31-year-old Bobrisky made it known that time is going, vows huge rewards for the surrogate mother.

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The self acclaimed Rich mummy of Lagos explained that having a girl child is more easier for her to train not holding grudges against the male child.

Using himself as an example, Bobrisky reveals how she and her only sister are the ones taking care of their she’d father who has accepted her gender.

Taking to his social media platform, he wrote, “If you know any beautiful girl in d USA or uk who can be my child surrogate mother I’m fucking interested i need a child badly.”

“I have many properties i need a child to leave everything for. Nobody know when death is coming. If i can get a girl child omg I’m never leaving her sight for sec. I’m 31yrs time is going”.

“One house in bera estate. One house at orchid road. One house at Pinnock. Filling station almost ready in lekki. Hotel in lekki. I need a baby girl to take over her mum wealths”.

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“I’m going to be giving my surrogate mother lot of money for making me mum”.

“Since last year have been worried about having kids. My first child should come as a girl omg”.

“I will spoil her with my life. I will cal my lawyer and write my will d day she will be born. I love girls”.

“Well I don’t have a problem with a boy choke is just that I have so many explanations to make to him why i ended up been a woman lol”.

“Let me use myself as an example, My dad marry 3wives 9 boys one girl, but now 2 girls sha cos I’m one now. Even my dad has finally accepted I’m his girl❤”.

“Now he’s old I’m d major person taking good care of him. Bought him new car, pay for all dis health care bill. My brothers don’t even care as much as i do”.

“You see why a girl child remain d best. Thief heart is tender. But you see a girl child they are easy no too much explanation she will understand me”.

[9:47 AM, 9/26/2022] intelregion TV: Now I’m crying

“I’m so emotional sha I need a baby badly i won’t even lie.”

“Haaaa una go tell me say I’m too extra. Haaaa I will finish her with enjoyment She will have a white and foreign nanny”.

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