“I sure say na ur papa house u still dey stay” – Peter Okoye continues to drag Seun Kuti with Fela Kuti, dares him to remove surname

The ongoing war of words between Peter Okoye and Seun Kuti might not come to an end anytime soon as singer Peter Okoye in a recent post on social media left many people talking as he drags Seun Kuti together with his father, Fela Kuti, the Afrobeats Legend.

Recall it all started after Seun Kuti stated that it takes the effort of dedicated Nigerians to save Nigeria, not an opportunist like Peter Obi.

Reacting to this, Singer Peter Okoye who is Peter Obi die hard supporter slams Seun Kuti for calling Peter Obi an opportunist and by extension attacks Seun Kuti’s paternal figure. 

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He said, “Dude just erased his father’s history. You said only the propel of Nigeria can save Nigeria. Is PO and the rest candidates not Nigerian people? Shame! Shame! Shame!!!”

However, speaking further, Peter Okoye who is obviously aggressive in series of post via the insta-stories section of his verified Instagram page drags Seun Kuti to filth.

Peter Okoye says Seun Kuti had no musical career all he does is to brag about his family background. He further dares Seun Kuti to removed the surname “Kuti” from his name and see if anyone would recognizes him.

He also said that he believes Seun Kuti is still living in his papa (Fela Kuti) house in the trenches.

Peter Okoye wrote, “U had no music career in the first place… All you do is brag about your family backgroun . Thats only what you talk about… What av u been able to achieve or influenced in Nigeria….. Total nothing. PSQUARE is not the problem of Nigeria. Everyone is playing their part, you too play yours. Everyone have their callings, you sing about the ills of the society/ country, we sing about other things. That’s your calling, and you don’t expect everyone to sing like you.

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And just for the record! We “PSQUARE” have never ever campaigned for any Presidential candidates before except now for PETER OBI. Did we perform for President Buhari during his inauguration in 2015 YES. He was already the President! GO AND VERIFY.

My late Father was a nobody but today everyon knows the OKOYES! Dude try removing “KUTI” from you name make I know weda anybody sabi you! Remain in that your Local SHRINE while people like us and others continue excelling Globally! YOU CANT SHAME THE SHAMELESS!

So we should not participate in this election because some people have supported APC or PDP before now?… When people don smoke igbo dem go feel say na dem get wisdom pass.. So make we sidon look because you say so? Dude, face your igbo and leave us alone! I understand that people sit on the face but dis one just hang for cable wire! Do your self a Favour and puts on some cloths and cover your face in shame!

YES! Family argued, figh and settled! It’s normal in life! But let me tell you something that is not normla in life. Smoking igbo, Doing drugs, and always dirty and shouting with no cloths on., and many wives and concubines and plenty children from left right and center! And still come claim you are fighting the government for Nigerians all the time is not normal it’s irresponsible! Go clean that your living room and your self up! Too dirty and you should know better!

Grammy nomination na yardstick to measure good music? Abeg which Yeye song them use norminate you way we know? So If dem dey talk music/Musicains, if PSQUARE come out, you sef go come out too? Even your music dem no sabi am for SHRINE na only igbo dem Dey come smoke.

Grammy nominee way still dey live for trenches! I Dey sure say na still your papa house you stay! Stop deceiving your self bro! Nobody Dey rate you for this industry! No difference between some that got Nominated and some that went for audition. We all know you are frustrated! Take heart!”

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