I’m sorry, please forgive me – Skimpy dressed lady Sofiat who recites Quran verses tenders public apology (Video)

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A Nigerian lady identified as Sofiat Olamide who went viral for reciting the verses of the Quran in a skimpy outfit has taken to social media to apologize to Muslims.

Few days ago, Sofiat Olamide becomes one of the trending conversations online following her interview with Stevho where she reads core verses of the holy Quran from the beginning to the end in an outfit that negates that of Islam.

In the interview, Sofiat Olamide proves that she went to Arabic school as she effortlessly read verses of Suratul Bakorah and Al-Nas using one of the finest tone.

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Speaking further during the interview, Sofiat Olamide asserts that she can no longer use Hijab to cover her head again according to the beliefs of the Islamic religion adding that she now belongs to the street.

The video went viral online as many Muslims berated Sofiat by expressing their utmost displeasure toward her for reciting the verses of holy Quran from the beginning to end in such a wayward outfit.

In case you missed it, Watch the video below;


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In a new development, Sofiat Olamide makes a U-Turn by tending a public apology to Muslims for her outfit in the viral video.

While begging fellow Muslims who are disappointed over her action, Sofiat said she doesn’t know that the video will go viral as she did it only for fun. 

Speaking further, Sofiat uttered that she was only in front of her when the interviewer call her for the interview.

Sofiat Olamide spills that henceforth she won’t wear skimpy or any wayward dress rather she will now start wearing moderate outfits that follow the Islamic path.

She concluded by telling people to help her thank a Facebook user identified as Kajue Baba for his guidance and support during this period. Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

Sheu Nigeria: This is really Sunna work, Baba to KAJUE you are a man of God with a very clean mind…. Instead of fighting each other, arresting each other and misleading ppls that are already in islam. See what KAJUE Baba did this is really Ahlu Sunna work. I pray to God almighty ALLAH to bless you more than your expectations Baba KAJUE all ur children’s will never suffer in life. Hajia Sofiat insha ALLAH u are bless.

Zaytuni: Apologize accepted, long life to Kajue Baba.

Folajomi Hammed:  No one should be angry at her now, she is living her life style the way she understands it before, now she has realised she has lost of potentiality as a Muslimah and she needs to adjust. Re-orientation is what she firstly needed. How to dress, how to make sure she observes her daily prayers at right time, to re-analyse the kind of friends she is mingling with, did she wished to learn more about quran and the rightful Sunnah without toxici hakida and more. The issue of Oko should be an underground stuff because lots of opportunist will come out that they wanted to marry her wherase only God knows their intentions. If little assistance is available, please render it and mentor her moral and religiously. Allah will continue to uplift you and guide your ways.

Harwedah Damilare: Mosha Allah Kajué baba But my suggestion is that this girl will need finicial support bcus I think most of her cloth is not Islamically dress with that she will surely change into our modern Islamically dress.

Comr Lawal Ismail:  Hod Exactly what our scholar need walahi tallahi instead of them fighting each other or looking for their follows scholar mistakes, try to rehabilitate the lost soul in Islam, convert many to Islam and let them see beauty of Islam from you. May Allah continue to bless Kajue baba for this. May Allah reward you abundantly..

Opeyemi Agbaje: This is what other Muslims brothers, sisters and other should be doing. In stead of arguments and fight. Lets keep helping our Muslim brothers and sisters.

Esinniobiwa Soliu Onaopemipo:  Apologizing to Muslim brothers and sisters? Did she offend anyone? Did anyone feel offended by what she did? If at all there was a sin in what she did, it would definitely be against Allah and not against any human. She did what she did ignorantly and only needed more guidance and reorientation which is currently going on. So, I never expected any Muslim to feel offended. May Allah rectify our affairs. Kudos to Kajue Baba. May Allah reward you abundantly.

Mubarak Ibrahim:  Here is the real Sunnah. You don’t need to tag yourself as Ahlu Sunnah, your actions has exemplified the Sunnah. May Allah reward you abundantly and also make sofiyya firm in Islam.

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