“It was a mistake” – 26-year-old Lagos big boy Killaboigram says after st@bbing his girlfriend to death

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A 26-year-old Lagos big boy known as Killaboigram has admitted that he stabbed his girlfriend Augusta to death during an argument.

Killaboigram whose real name is Benjamin Best took to his Instagram page to share an extensive confession of how he fled after killing his girlfriend.He owned up to the crime and pledged that he was ready to die for killing the young woman.

He sent an apology to his mom and announced his readiness to surrender himself to the police. Although he failed to say anything about the rumors that her privates were removed when she was found lifeless in his apartment.

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This is coming three years after he was arrested for fraud-related activities by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

In his confession, He wrote; “I got into an argument with my girlfriend @austa xxo which fight i mistakenly stabbed her and ran away out of fear and been suicidal since then. I want intend to end my life now cause I have lost the one o cherish so much I want to do the right thing and turn myself in. I will gladly die by paying with my life now.”

“I have failed myself, I have failed my mom, I have failed my family. Oh lorddddd I can’t believe this. I can’t leave with this guilt, I’m going crazy, nothing to kind again and I will say nothing but the truth all from the beginning to what brought us here.”

I should have left this toxic relationship but I didn’t, Oh lord forgive me for my sins, I wish I can go back In time and undo this but it has happened. I’m not a bad person, I’m not an evil person, I’m not a criminal, I didn’t commit murder, nothing was intended, oh lord I don’t know how this happened but I want to live the my remaining day on earth now, knowing o do the right thing and take accountability. I will say nothing but the truth and come out clean and hope God grant me eternal peace I ruined my life at the age of 26 Oh my God I’m going crazy I want to die.”

“I’m in so much pains I’m in so much pains I’m in so much pains I need help I need help I need help What is life now I want to turn myself in I’m not a bad person I swear I’m not a bad person But with what has happened I think i deserve nothing but death I will gladly die, by hanging, by shooting, which ever way fate has for me I’m willing I can’t live with this guilt knowing the girl I loved so much died in my own hands oh Gooooooood why this What do I do now I deserve death, I want to dieee. I can’t face my family, How did I do this to my only brother knowing he has no one but me. I failed you wisdom pls forgive me Nobody else might truly know me but I believe only you do and knows my heart. Pls forgive your elder brother for putting true the misery Look at me now God !!! I want no sympathy. I want no pity.

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“I’m truly down and broken from what has happened and I deserve nothing but death. Yes I truly do and want too for her soul to rest in peace. I will turn myself in I promise. And she will get justice. My days in earth are numbered already, I know I have not much days left to live in this evil world and there nothing to lie about anymore as there nothing to lose. I have lost it all already and nothing to prove anymore. I will say the truth and only the truth will bring me Gods acceptance in heaven I believe. I will live the remaining days I have been truthful, co-operating with things, investigation and all turning myself in while awaiting death. This is my promise to God now and I will keep to this. I wish I can Go back in time GOD 1 achieved so much at 26years old I had the world at my palm I Won over 300million naira or more on sportybet between last year to this year which unbelievable. I mad move from Launchpad launches I had every thing I could wish for, I lived that life, I had the cars, good life and all, I got dual citizenship, what else?

I was in such a good place, God did everything for me answered all my prayer. I got everything I ever wished for God and it ened like this. Oh my God, how did this happen!!! I ruined my life by myself God!!!! Woman was finally the ended of you Benjamin Best Woman Oh woman Fuck! I think I Got the love I think I deserved. 1 blame myself I will Give in, I surrender I surrender I will pay for this, I will pay for this I deserve death no running away I deserve death. I will give this to her family I will turn myself in shortly. Bye for now till I do so. After that I accept whatever fate has for me including death.”

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The photo of Augusta that was stabbed to death.

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Photo of the boyfriend Killaboigram who stabbed girlfriend, Augusta to death.

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