“It was IVD that pushed my sister into fire” – Businessman IVD’s late wife’s brother Oyindamola spills (Video)

Businessman IVD’s late wife’s brother, Oyindamola in a video that hit the internet has opened up on the incident that led to his elder sister’s death.

Recall Intel Region reported that Bimbo died on the 15th of October after suffering a 10-degree burn.

While speaking with media personality Daddy Freeze, Oyindamola opened up about many things, including the very incident that led to Bimbo’s tragic death.

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According to him, his sister lit the fire, thinking that her husband, IVD would tell her to stop. She did it so that both of them would leave the house empty-handed.

Furthermore, he maintained that Bimbo lit the curtain and got pushed into the fire by her husband, who was trying to get her off his body.

Watch the video below;

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See reactions that follow below;

minis_by_missy: This matter is a case of domestic violence from both sides… drug addiction from both sides…rituals from both ends… they were surely headed towards their doom… sadly the wife was more at the receiving end but I’m sure the husbands own too ll come…. It’s deeper than we all see…. May God have mercy on the children they brought into their mess😢😢😢.

jesroland_ : You marry wife and u and ur wife dey smoke dey form sweet couple na the results be this.

crowncold_empire: This Bimbo lady was dead long time ago,it was just her empty body running up and down….so sad all her family r just coming out saying all diff stories now 🤷‍♀️s too fuck**g late joor haahaaa 😡this s not a case of marriage assault anymore but a case of ritual & yahoo+ ….Ladies work on urself,if u won do ritual do am for urself nah haaaa …why r ladies so stupid? With the video I saw online yesterday seeing Bimbo body with diff wounds and damage skin ,do u all think this wicked guy will still care for him???u all saying Bimbo s always causing problems yes she will bcos she knew the extent she had gone for this man 👨……why will she do all that ??? A 15years old young girl following a 18years boy shows both of them have no home training 15years of her age she shld be in school nah ….that show the kinda bad girl she was and her parents lack of training her well.she was never a home girl and that s why IVD can use her very well as his toy 🧸…..I felt pity for her but she was her main problem…

rita_raye_: Both are TOXIC. U poured Kerosine on yourself and lit up the curtain and expect not to be burnt? I thought the brother said he was present, but later the house helped. So she wanted to burn both herself, her husband and her children to death? If your family knew bout this, why not take her out of the marriage? And u the brother, how come u have d courage to grant an online interview barely how many hours after u lost ur sister? This matter is deep. He’s no saint but he can’t be pinned to Murder. This happens when you dine with the devil, he gives with his left hand & collects more with his right hand.

joeyakor : She poured kerosene on her body and said she will burn everything including herself, plus she was the one that lit the fire what was she expecting? This is a clear case of suicide and even attempted murder cause that fire could have killed her husband who was in the same building.

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