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Thursday, September 21, 2023

“It was not his first time” – Convicted fraudster claims he had cocaine-fueled s+x with Obama in 1999 (Video)

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Larry Sinclair, a convicted fraudster, has once more claimed that he engaged in the use of cocaine and had oral s+x with Barack Obama on two occasions in Chicago, USA in 1999.

In an interview with Tucker Carlson on Wednesday, September 6, Sinclair claimed he met Obama through a limousine driver, who knew the then-Illinois representative.

He claimed Obama smoked crack with him and then Sinclair gave him oral s+x. He alleged Obama turned up at his hotel the next day, and the same routine played out.

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Sinclair said he was certain Obama had had s+x with men before, and sm%ked crack previously.

He said he knew Obama was married, but the marriage was troubled, and described him as ‘a con’ who used Sinclair, looking for some sort of ‘hook’, or advantage.

Sinclair first raised the claims more than 15 years ago and has never offered any proof of his claims against the former U.S. president.

According to DailyMail, the South Carolina-born fraudster hired a room in the Washington DC press club in 2008 to tell his story, and in 2009 self-published a book entitled: ‘Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Coc@ine, S+x, Li£s & M¥rder?’

Watch the video below;


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See reactions below;

doyouknowchioma: I believe him😂 Obama Carried that gae agenda on his head during his administration.

iam_rasz: Word on the streets says, “Michael is a Transgender too”… nothing surprises me anymore 😂😂😂

royaldivalee: Lol. Republicans. First they said He killed his chef, now he’s gay.

mira__ch_i_: Like who introduces themselves by Their Full Name in a Bar… He told you “my name is Barack Obama” in a bar in 1999? … Abeg 😂.

oxford_rogers: Past that refused to stay in the past, 😂people grow everyday, I know things I didn’t 10yrs ago like my life depends on it,I can’t even do now even wit a gun on my head, if u feel like confessing your past leave people in it alone, some of those things you regret now made them who they are today and am not talking money.

loveliness_______: No evidence… If una never drag all black men down una no go rest.. See his face like indented beans.

jeyni_ivory: No wonder he legalized lgbtq😂.

neema_millwood: And if he did it is a crime? Who cares!! It’s his private life. Your book didn’t sell. Rest 😂.

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