It’s time to stop seeking validation from social media — Comedian AY tells colleagues

Popular Nigerian comedian Richard Ayodeji Makun better known as AY in a recent post on social media urged his colleagues to stop seeking validation from social media.

Comedian AY made this known via his official Twitter handle today, January 9th, 2020 as he tells his colleagues not to leave fake lives.

He added that no matter the truth and lies those fans that will stay with them will still stay as this will save them from depression and also maintain their mental health.

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Comedian AY added that celebrities need to set boundaries and be mindful of what they share or partake online.

He tweeted, “It’s time to stop seeking validation from social media. No matter d truth or lies about u or your personality, those who love u will still love u. Save yourself from depression, protect your mental health. Connect, spend time, & build relationships with real people in your life.”

He added, We need to set boundaries and be mindful of what we share or partake on social media. Balance is key.This is a place where people fly with available information.

Bloggers will forever go with any information that brings them relevance and trends. There is no respect or empathy. People seem to think the more negative positions they take, the more relevant they become.

Some have become judges in issues they know little about and have through bad comments and lack of empathy, sent many to their graves. The search for validation is most often unhealthy because it gives people, especially strangers, too much power in determining one’s self-worth.” See his post below;

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officialarole: See why I follow you and celebrate you deeply 👏👏👏👏👏👏.

koffithaguru: We all need to tone it down and let this youngings know that their parents should be their primary role models and major influence. WE are entertainers and earning a living as do other professionals.

uchennaji: sadly it’s not stopping anytime soon , people are daily and ignorantly embracing Wickedness over Love 💔.

thetuxedlife: This message should be to everyone who has ears to hear, not only to celebrities!

alexokoroji: Thank you for sharing. Needs to be said. Again and Again.💕.

coachjolagrace Gbam: 🔥🔥🔥🔥. Our mental well-being must be our priority, depression is real and creeps in slowly. Maintaining a state of peace and tranquillity should be our number 1 priority. People will always have opinion regardless of what you do. #yourmentalhealthmatters.

realucheebere: Would they hear? if many people see how I love living my real life eeh they will follow suit, I no dey see anyone, I only see myself doing my thing, gaskia 👏😂😍.

stevinism: Don’t even know why y’all think social media is your diary 🤷🏿‍♂️ life is easy but y’all humans decided to make it hard with rubbish validations like every single thing you do you wan make dem put mouth .. nah una Dey do una sef .. social media came to make life easier normally but as humans we love to make life difficult.. don’t know about you but for me I regulate the freaking media what goes out what stays in and what will never surface will never surface if you no suppose know then you no suppose know simple. 🤷🏿‍♂️Abeg 2023 is here make good use of it una don Dey old ooo.

apostle_d_derick07: Good morning everyone… Let’s pray… Please raise your right hand up to pray this prayer this morning wherever you are…. Say Lord. As I step out this morning, I move from glory to glory, from blessings to blessings, from progress to double progress. God, sometimes, life gets me down and I find it hard to see things to be thankful for, but as I go out today, I shall go in peace and return back with testimony. Father Lord, as I go out this morning, separate me from bad influences, evil counselor, wicked personality. Oh God, You are so good. You are faithful and gracious and You have blessed me beyond measure. I come before You today to make my day glorious and the people you have ordained to help me to remember me, This is what we ask for through Jesus Christ our lord, Amen 🙏.

parishafrica: Truth is, we are our own tomorrow and must protect our sanity. And when you are dead, you go down alone. We don’t need validation from humans, we only need validation from ourselves. Nobody is completely innocent, none.

enisuru_sexy: When you bring your relationship on social media in d ist place, also expect it to be on social media when it breaks, nobody will have an opinion if it’s not there in d ist place, Tell your friends to be in one place, Homosexual o, bisexual o, heterosexual o, Dey one place and don’t deceive anybody into marriage.


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