Jay Z replies Nigerian who advised on choosing dinner date with rapper instead of taking $500K

American rapper, Jay Z has told a Nigerian man to choose money, if $500k is offered, instead of choosing a dinner date with him to learn business.

Jay Z was replying to a post on social micro-blogging platform Twitter, made by a Nigerian man who goes by the name @profitwithant.

According to the man, if Jay Z offers anyone to choose between a massive 500,000 US dollars, or a dinner date with him to learn business secrets as a choice; then he’s advising people to choose the dinner date with Jay Z.

The man wrote;

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“I’ll explain since most can’t comprehend. Dinner with Jay-Z is the better option over $500K because of the knowledge and expertise he has. He’ll give you a blueprint on being wealthy and successful. His knowledge will be worth more long term than the short term $500k.”

But in one of the most surprising responses ever, Jay Z who owns the tech company Tidal, replied under the tweet;

“Take the $500K.”

See screenshot of their exchange below;

Jay z post 1

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