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“Lazy youths” – Reactions as native doctor spotted bathing Yahoo boys with blood, breaks eggs on their head (Video)

A video of suspected Yahoo boys performing ritualism have started making the rounds online and by extension generated several reactions among internet users.

In the viral video, the Yahoo boys were spotted bathing with blood in a bid to get rich as soon as possible.

The trending video reveals the moment the native doctor who was spotted  splashing blood on the nak£d young man and that was just the beginning.


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During the ritualism process, the native doctor prayed for them to get paid by “clients” who don’t pay other people.

Noting that the young men are already making money by defrauding people, he further prayed that their next hit will give them enough money to buy houses.

The native doctor further went on to collect eggs from their hands and aggressively break them on their heads.

Watch the video below;

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See reactions below;

amaka_paloma: Lazy youths. Later una go dey blame government. Useless children. I used to use leg to walk under d sun and rain, doing dermacation for almost 2years, worked in a hotel, I was teaching drama and music, I sold fuel and kerosene black market, I advertised online, I once earned 38k, I hustled legally. I applied for other better jobs but cudnt get. Didn’t stop me from doing others or learning a skill. Look at where I am today, thanks b to God. Many of these useless b0ys don’t Wana learn work or start small. Na to use person do ritual or look for fast money Dem know. Even some girls wey no wan hustle, they ll prefer to sell their body than hustle. Useless children.

nifeemmi: We can’t totally blame them , the is a reflection of a defective , faulty society .. They simply want to get rich boycotting the rigors and patience of attaining success . Do you blame them ? No . It is multidimensional , and mulit facet . All of us , including those who spray money carelessly, including those who show off wealth without a reasonable source of income . Including artist who sing and venerate money and emphasize how worthless you are if you don’t have money . Including the lady who says she can’t date a man who earns less than 10million . All of us have given birth to a society laced and immersed in absolute disgusting and filthy characters like this little chaps who would go any length to find money.

ruthroberts7683: Even Bible said the love of money is the root of all evil..I weep for Thai generation,becoz the urge to make money so fast and immediate is alarming and even if they make the money, all they do is show off(cars, iPhones,clothes, and women) ..This right here is not life, live a life that’ll please your Creator and he’ll give you all you need and the only thing he needs is your patience and dedication…#Saynotoritualism#.

seun_dreams:  No follow anybody do competition, No jealous anyone, This life na individual race, no look another person time dey take move oo, na only you know wetin and ur Creator discuss, Keep working and believing. E go end in praise eventually 👍🏾.

earlpromolinzy: Hmmm! Does the babalawo have a house or cars? When you go to the devil for help he will give u 10 and collect 90 from you in the future. The devil doesn’t give things out for free. The Bible says He maketh rich and added no sorrows. Bad government is not an excuse to do blood money. Blood money will boomerang. Stay patient and hard working and one day u Will enjoy your wealth in peace.

fashion_magicblog:  If you check their ages now they might not be more than 23yrs….people want fast money but don’t want to go through the process.


hrh_kingdiamond:  The extent people will go for the sake of money is scary. Generational curses and problems 😢 Devil no get free gift. If he give u cap, him go collect heads.

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