“Let us all swing the hammer fairly” – Journalist Joey Akan calls out Headies Award for disqualifying singer Portable

Nigerian journalist, Joey Akan has taken to social media to call out the prestigious Headies Award for disqualifying popular Nigerian singer, Habeeb Okikiola better known as Portable.

Yesterday, July 26th, Headies Award was one of the trending conversations on popular microblogging platform as Smooth Productions, the organizers of the well-known music award disqualified the “Zazoo Zeh” crooner Portable over death threat to co-nominees.

Over the past few weeks, Portable has been trending online for the wrong reasons. Recently he took to his social media page to claim affiliation with a notorious group, ‘One Million Boys’.

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However, Joey Akan in a post shared via his official Twitter handle hailed Headies award for disqualifying Portable and by extension concluded that the Organizers of the award were not fair enough in their decision.

Speaking on moral bias, Joey Akan said that Headies Award has never stated requirements for the character needed to be exhibited by artistes off the mic and further claimed that there are others in the nomination list that are neither saint or angel.

He tweeted; “Interesting line drawn by the Headies, withdrawing nominations for the enfant terrible, Portable. Kudos. It’s a statement move, designed to speak to everyone that we’re cleaning house. On the surface, it appears to be the popular move. But it sets up a precedent.

Your Headies Award criteria has never stated anywhere near the requirements, that good character off the mic, is also a prerequisite for the honours. And if we’re taking a moral stand now, and not separating the art from the artist, then let us all swing the hammer fairly.

Look across your nominations list. Are those people up there all saints and angels? Sugar, spice and everything nice? A real salt of the earth collective? Swing it across board. Enforce and encode this as a rule, and not some arbitrary decision to score points with partners.

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Above all. Precedent. The public will hold you to this. It’s great to deplatform Portable. The optics are perfect. But when it’s a higher artist, someone more leveraged. A top 3 perhaps? Will this hammer make an appearance? Is the right hand of justice going to stand firm?

Congratulations to everyone. Let’s sanitise the game. Afrobeats to the world. Welcome to a new dispensation.”

See screenshots of his post below;


Joey Akan

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