Mohbad Wife Wunmi was very unfaithful to him – Late singer’s father speaks at the Coroners Inquest

Joseph Aloba, the father of late Nigerian singer Mohbad has erupted reactions online as he disclosed at the Coroners  Inquest that Omowunmi, the wife of his late son was very unfaithful to him while he was alive.

Recall Intel Region reported that On Wednesday, October 25th 2023, the relatives of the late artist Mohbad, which includes his spouse, father, and mother, appeared at a coroner’s court in Lagos for a formal inquiry into the passing of the singer, whose legal name was Oladimeji Aloba.

Speaking at the coroner’s Inquest, Mohbad’s father said; 

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“Mohbad and I lived together for 18 good years. He has never fallen sick. I only took him to a chemist when he was 16 to treat rashes.

He left the house at the age of consent and began to assist Naira Marley while embarking on his own career in music.


When he started making it, he talked to me about reconciling with his mum which I did. He was happy and he bought me a car for this. When issues happened between him and Naira, he told me he would handle it.

Wunmi was a very unfaithful wife to my son. My son told me that she used to put sleeping pills in noodles for him and she would go and sleep with a signee in another room in the same house they were living.

I don’t trust wunmi one bit. He told me that all the documents of his landed property were in the possession of wunmi’s mother till today.

He came to visit me three days to his death. Concerning his neck that was bent in the casket, I didn’t know about it because I was not at the burial. It was later I saw the pictures”

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See reactions below;

sweezzy1: I don’t know, but can a woman choose to make herself a widow at that age? 🤔.

pappy_rado:  If you notice your wife no like Verydarkman please run DNA on your children please and please it’s very important.

sali_shadow: VDM has always been spitting fact but blind people aren’t seeing.

ademi_bobdee: Nah God go punis anybody wey talk bad about mohbad Dad amen 🙏.

joycee_susan: Your son told you all these, yet they’re still living together… Just mention the properties you want and stop cutting corners.

djreeves_uk8701: Your Son Told You That Wunmi Use To Put Sleeping Pills 💊 In His Noodles 🍜 and she would go and sleep with a signee in another room in the same house they were living, and What Did You Do About It As a Father when you was told 👴🏾?? Dad Can you listen to your self ?? 🤔🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️.

winsor_bae: This man is evil, you mean that your son told you that his wife was adding sleeping pills in his food and kept it all these while as a good father that you claimed to be? You are just bitter because your son focused on his own family and didn’t carry your problems on his head that was why 2day , you would say this 2moro you changed another topic, at 1st you were the ome showing the whole world where you are leaving that people should see your house and furniture when you have a son who had money, you changed again talking abt the pecop that your daughter in-inlaw bought for, because you are a very lazy and greedy man that expected Mohbad to buy you a RANGEROVER AND BUILD A MORDEN HOUSE FOE U, WHERE WERE U WHEN UR MATES WERE HUSTLING HARD????, PLS live that woman to mourn her husband,you have been looking for a way to bring this girl down and collect all her husband’s properties and the money people donated for her but God gat her back because you are fighting in vain.

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