Mr Ibu’s daughter who is expecting twins announces the end of her marriage with husband after 9 months

Jasmine, the daughter of popular Nollywood actor, Mr Ibu has announces that her marriage with husband is over after 9 months.

Jasmine Chioma Okafor met the man on TikTok and they married just two months after.

He proposed to her on the same day he flew down to Nigeria to meet her for the first time. They got married to each other few weeks (24days) later as husband and wife. Their wedding held in February.

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Recall a week ago, Intel Region reported that Jasmine announced on TikTok that she is expecting twin girls with her husband.

She has now revealed that she has filed for divorce because he has three grown daughters and hid that from her.

See her post below;

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See reactions below;

authenticmuy: Yes, he was wrong to have concealed the truth, yes you were right to have gotten pissed and want to end the LOVE JOURNEY. But in all these, I see someone that still loves his husband but hurting ! Maybe what you need is TIME, time to heal and not really divorce 🙏. Men (stupidly) lie sometimes for the fear of loosing their cherished ones, not necessarily because they want the truth concealed!

tenovertenautos: If you think a month or 2 is enough time to get to know someone and go into a LIFETIME commitment with the person, then I will be praying for you. LOVE is never enough in marriage.

l.tobiloba: The “END of TikTok marriage “, a new movie title idea for Mr IBU and nollywood. For those of you always quick to tap into ……keep tapping, awon set palm wine tappers.

mr_hyenana: So Sorry sis … but like u said, the Guy loves you (lass lass u go still wan re-marry & we single guys outside will show u shege #nocap ) …. U better make ur marriage work bcos this isn’t an issue of Domestic violence nor a Life threatening Situation ❤️ Love & Gen.

sashaitota123: For those laughing, can you please tell me what you find funny in this, why do you take delight in people’s pain. according to what she said above, she asked him several times bf they got married and he denied it, she was deceived, it can happen to anyone.

sashaitota123: For those saying he was wrong but its not enough to divorce him expecially the men, imagine you get married to a woman unknown to you she was once married with 3 grown up children, will you continue with that marriage. Men should stop dishing what they can’t take.

official_sarat2: You don’t love him enough 😀 it’s a divorce not still married my dear so kuku tell us u done collect wetin u wan collect you never loved him for me I can’t end my marriage because my husband was divorcée I will ofcos get angry but I will look at it he didn’t tell me because he felt I might leave him babe just say you have your reason u married not for love.

omonioladasmola_1: Did you ask questions. So if the guy didn’t take u to Yankee and u got to know about it, will u write this epistle . At least he’s divorced and 3 kids should not be the bone of contention now. I pray to God u have a change of mind ontime. To raise kids alone not easy ooo. So you will now looking for a single guy to marry you with 2kids😳😳.

cruise9518:  Just for 3 grown up kids… divorce is too much…you need time to heal, if you really love him… give it time and make your marriage work, to see a man that really loves and adore you like you said is rare…no human is perfect…we all have our flaws… please forgive him.

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