My ex-wife Korra Obidi slept with her friend’s fiancee in Nigeria while she was 5months pregnant for me – Justin Dean shares evidence (Video)

Doctor Justin Dean, the ex-husband of popular US-based Nigerian dancer Korra Obidi in a new video reveals why he broke up with his ex-wife 3 months after they welcomed their second child.

Recall that Korra Obidi and Justin Dean had two child together name June Dean and Athena Dean before their relationship went south in 2022.

Note that Korra Obidi and her ex-husband Justin Dean welcomed their second child Athena in March 2022 through “natural raw water birth”.

However, the husband calls it quit months after as he accused Korra Obidi of being a chronic cheater who sleep around with men.

In an new video making the rounds on Insatgram today, April 17th 2024, Justin Dean shares an evidence showing how ex-wife Korra Obidi cheated on him while expecting their second child.

Speaking further, Justin Dean asserted that when Korra Obidi was 5month old pregnant, she came to Nigeria to sleep with her friend’s fiancee.

In his words; “Korra, my ex-wife went to Nigeria for her friends’s wedding and slept with this woman fiance, while she was 5months pregnant with our daughter, I was so upset when I found out that she has been sleeping around, part 3.”

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

ositaoluchukwu:  The thought of another man on his wife during pregnancy will never leave this man, it’s hurting and traumatizing.

nnenna_blinks_:  Why are you people calling him a t0xic ex and telling him to rest. We continue to enable this kind of behavior because it is a t@boo to speak ag@isn’t women when they deviate or phuck up. Always stand on your truth regardless of which gender is involve. It shows who you truly are.

tonia0509: The women attacking this man may what happened to him happen to your brothers and sons!!!

cecilia__remi:  When a relationship or marriage doesn’t work out, they say the man is an abuser or v!olent man😂 Women never say what they did.

evve__lynn: Gather here If you believe man no just get sense.

stellarukky:  This man has been crying out forever but sentiments have blinded most nigerian women…and also urging korra on calling her a strong woman…. What justin endured and tolerated in the hands of korra, no African man would take it for just a month …. He is chiropractor but virtually turned himself to a sit at home daddy just for korra to get her validation on social media…. Several times he caught her cheating and forgave her,… When korra started her adventure on social media,… I remember how people used to abuse her, Justin would always plead with the world that he is her fiance and that people should stop abusing her and get to know her first, he stood up all through for Korra, people really started noticing korra when she was pregnant with their first child June, because she was heavily pregnant and dancing…. Korra didn’t appreciate the man she had,… All he kept saying at the beginning of their divorce process was for her to humble herself and apologize but korra wouldn’t…. And so he backed out…. Korra cheated several times in the marriage and just toiled with Justin’s emotions…. My gender and sentiments!!!… Let’s call a spade a spade…. Korra no try.

ositaoluchukwu:  So women are actually defending this? God please help the unmarried men o.

iambuike:  Wow , everyone on the comment saying “move on , move on , meehn the world is a wicked place filled with evil people on this comment section. 💔.

iam_olumicum: What do you expect, you see person way dey dance n@ked on social media, u went ahead to marry her…. Sorry bro and take heart.

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