Naira Scarcity: Moment woman escapes a long queue after pretending to be pregnant so as to get cash, video trends (Watch)

Naira Scarcity is obviously one of the major problems being faced by the citizens of Nigeria, however different talents used by women in making sure they get access to their money at banks have continued to raise several eyebrows.

Note that Naira Scarcity has created more than hardship to the lives of Nigerians as the introduction of the newly redesigned naira notes has resulted into low low volume of money in circulation.

Most banks are filled with long queues everyday as people struggled hard to get the new notes needed to sort their daily needs among others.

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However, a video is making the rounds online where a woman who is in urgent need of money escapes the long queue by tricking the bank officials.

In the video, the woman pretended to be a pregnant woman as her stomach looks absolutely protruded just like being pregnant.

The acclaimed pregnant woman fortunately jumps the queue and was allowed to use the ATM.

Upon collecting her cash at the ATM, the woman raises eyebrows as she removed all the clothes packed inside her stomach.

This is coming few weeks after spider woman uses her talent to jump the queue and enters the banking hall. Watch the video of the woman who pretended like she is pregnant below;

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See reactions below;

laughpillscomedy: Me na just to dress like woman, I done get the Belle already.

nohpheesat: Make I try this thing for uba ilorin on Monday 😂.

otorroseline: This country is bringing out the madnesssssss in us😂.

nelsonyva: Atleast she wouldn’t have removed the wrapper there… when a truly pregnant lady comes now, they wouldn’t want to attend to her cos of this.

shushu_official: Ruining the chance for truly pregnant women who shouldn’t be standing for long with her selfish clout. She should have just quietly walked away with the deceit after successfully achieving her goal. Not funny.

iamslowdog: Me Na to just dress like woman cos I don get belle already. 😁

andasynecho: She for no cast the update .. now I won’t b able to trust any pregnant woman again . I’ll have to press ur belle to believe u.

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