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New boo: Mercy Aigbe’s mother dragged into the scandal, accused of using juju to marry a man, she reacts

The mother of Mercy Aigbe has been dragged into the scandal following the unveiling of CEO of Ibaka TV, Adekaz as the actress new husband.

Gistlovers in a post revealed that Mercy Aigbe’s mother also used charms to marry Lawyer Owodunni. The anonymous writer further affirmed that the trait of snatching people’s husbands is quite generational as it can be traced to her mother.

Other allegations of promiscuity on both Mercy Aigbe and her mom were also penned in detail.

the blogger wrote; 

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“Hello tueh tueh,Matters arising🤦‍♀️ :Going down memory lane them say Na generational something ooo😂😂😂😂 them say iya mercy sef Na badooo ooo, igi ewedu oni wo pawa oooo, knew Mercy Na Anthony she Dey stay then bui no know say them Dey bo cardi mama mercy too👩‍🦯👩‍🦯I nor know that one oooo. Even CEO wookup was a very good customer then for this PUNA matter, Dear GLB Nation, una Dey do well as una dey oo, I keep saying and repeating it, wetin some of these yeyebrities do to maintain their lifestyle if you hear am, you go know say no pressure at all, una be boss.I come in peace.”

See the post below; (Swipe to view details)

Reacting via the comment section of Gistlover post, Mercy Aigbe wrote;

“Dear Gistlover, I don’t know if you were paid, to try to bring me down, sincerely, I am not moved neither am I bothered with all the name calling, bashing and everything…. in a situation where people don’t know the truth, don’t know the true picture of situations and they decide to be used as an instrument of destruction then it is left to them and their conscience, you and your cohorts have come up with different narratives just to paint me as a DEMON, you even involved my kids, now you are involving my dear Mother! Someone comes to your DM cooks up a story just to bring another person down, you without confirming it decide to publish such LIES! I know you think cos you are faceless you are untouchable, but I laugh! Cos no one is untouchable not even you! Gistlover bash me all you can! Label me whatever name you want to.! But leave my Mother out of this! Leave my kids out if this! Since I was the one you were paid to face! Focus on me! And me ONLY…… this post distasteful and you should be ashamed of yourself! SHAME ON YOU GISTLOVER! SHAME!.”

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