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Nigerian lady cries out as boyfriend flogs her for allegedly cheating on him (Video)

A Nigerian woman has vent her frustrations after her lover allegedly flogged her cruelly for supposed infidelity.

The event reportedly occurred on Monday, June 19 in Kwara state, at her boyfriend, Fatai’s house.

The young lady identified as Aduke, is an HND1 student at Bartholomew College of Health Shao, Kwara State.

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An eye witness of the incident revealed that Fatai invited Aduke into his house and started molesting her in front of his friends.

Fatai began to flog her buttocks with cane after accusing her of engaging in hookup which she denied.

According to the witness, “He invited her over and started quizzing her in-front of his friends.”

“Fatai accused Aduke of engaging in ‘hookup’ and proceeded to [email protected] her buttocks with a cane. She pleaded with him to have mercy claiming she was innocent of the [email protected] allegations but her plea fell to deaf ears”.

After the incident, the lady shared awful photos results of the flogging. The matter was reported to the police. Watch the video below:

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Social media users expressed their bitterness over the incidents. Some reactions are shown below:

jospheenah said, “A man that does this to you in common relationship, imagine what he will do to you when he marries you , is to put you inside mortal and pound you remain ooo 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️”.

accessbuzzle said, “Jungle Country. In the western world he would be in jail but in Nigeria no need”.

iamitohan_p said, “SMH  boyfriend!!!!! Where Una dey see all this kind black heart guys 😢😢😢”.

___jummie_ said, “All this children in relationships  now your parent will see this, how did you want them to feel? SMH 🤦‍♀️”.

veevyane__ said, “And he had the audacity to even record, how do y’all date mad people like this”.

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