Nigerian lady cries out as vice president Osinbajo’s daughter allegedly gives her N15K after working for a month (Video)

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A video has surfaced online where a Nigerian lady cries out as one of vice president Osinbajo’s daughters allegedly gives N15K as a salary after working for a month.

In the video making the rounds online, the middle-aged lady said she got called for an interview after applying for the job and she went for the interview and by extension, everything went for her as she was told to resume the next day and she followed the instruction.

Narrating her ordeal while working with the vice president, the Nigerian lady utters that he didn’t discuss salary, or percentage as she noted that working for a vice president’s daughter she is expecting a huge envelope at month end as a professional.

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Speaking further, the lady said that, the month come to an end the staff collected salary and she didn’t receive anything and as a result of this she didn’t find it funny any longer.

She added that after waiting for days without receiving any alert she went to the PA of the vice president’s daughter and then asked him about what is holding down his salary.

in her words; “I have not been paid, what is going on, why is it taking them time to pay me, it’s my first month.”

She further added, after waiting for more days, she went to the Vice President’s daughter’s office based on the Salary issue.

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According to the lady, the Vice-President daughter told her that they didn’t discuss the salary, telling her that her work is based on commission and she doesn’t performed in her first month.

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She noted that the Vice President daughter offered to pay N15K so as to cover her transport and then wait for the next month to be able to collect her salary.

The Nigerian lady while recounting the situation expresses her unhappiness as he noted that she has been cheated and doesn’t have the power to arrest the vice president’s daughter.

Watch the video below;

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Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has 3 children, a male son and 2 daughters named, Oluwadamilola and Kiki Osinbajo.

Kiki Osinbajo lives in Abuja and she is the CEO of Glam’d Africa and Koyin’s care, while Oluwadamilola is married to her husband named Oluwaseun Bakare who is a dedicated worker at RCCG Abuja.

See reactions below;

royaldivalee:  You played yourself to be honest, You can’t start a job without discussing salary expectation.

tobi.neri’:  You played yourself girl. You’re not serious or confident in yourself and work. If You were, you would have talked about your salary before resumption. Forget personality it’s strictly business. Big companies don’t pay much actually ? you were gullible and that why you keep saying Vice President’s daughter all through. Expectations breeds disappointment ?.

safeeness:  1. Employers, always sign an NDA with your staff to avoid all these name calling in the future. 2. Staff, always discuss your remuneration before you start working for anybody. No do pass yourself. 3. Employers, always pay your staff or discuss how renumeratoon will be disbursed. Be it salary, commission based, or deliverable based.

eyeostrich: Give me one reason why I should believe this story.

thefoodnetworknig2: Fine girl, you did not go to school to be this “slow”, I’m sorry! Vice President’s daughter or not, any organization you pick up a job with should state your salary clearly to you! You just picked up the job like that without proper documentation… No case here ma’am….

theokeowodaniels: Before you all type your mind base on her story and the position of her boss, get this fact. She was employed based on commission and if you don’t meet up with target, you are not meant to be paid regardless if she’s the vice president daughter or the world president. Its not a political money, its her business. Its entitlement that makes you think you will get a large salary because she’s a vice president daughter. She’s not her father and she run her business. Your story is not connecting…tell us the truth.

captbalo_miami: She was more interested in the status, than the job, thats why she got carried away.. but still, labor is labor, pay whats due to workers

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