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“No mummy, stop cheating” – Little girl gets intense with her mother for locking lips with her dad (Video)

A video that reveals the moment a little girl gets intense with her mother for locking lips with her dad has surfaced online and by extension generated several reactions among netizens.

Over the years, the father-daughter love cannot be overlooked as the relationship between them is always greater. 

In recent times, most wives always refer to their daughters as the resident side chicks as they always get in competition with them when they are with their father.

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However, in a recent video making the rounds online, a little girl expresses her utmost displeasure towards her mother for locking lips with her dad while she was with them inside the car.

The mother and the father sat on the front seats inside the car as they get quite romantic with the wife planting k!sses on her husband cheek, reacting the little girl who sat at back could be seen dragging her mother away, she said, “No, No mummy, stop cheating.”

Responding, the mother said, “What happen now, he’s my husband.” while pushing her mother away and crying, she utters that, “No, he is my daddy.”

As the mother struggles to push to k!ss her man, the little girl keeps throwing tantrums, crying, then pushes her away so that she can also plant k!ss on her father cheek.

Watch the hilarious video below;

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See how netizens react to the video below;

adesieh: Daddy and daughter relationship, hmmm …I Hv 3 daughters now no son ,our relationship is bomb most especially the last one who is 18 months, that one is Juliet to me.

nicolenicol21: These resident sidechics ehn😅🥹🤭❤️.

big_promzy: Beneficiary just quiet. Wetin concern who God don bless concern wahala 😂.

nnenaya_soso:  Local man is just enjoying the affection 😍😍😍.

megadiva196: tomorrow she gets to sch and want to k!ss other kids u wil be like i don’t knw where she learnt it !!!!stop the abuse here everything is content.

lanre.leads: I can’t leave my daughter crying this way.. make my wife rest, we’ll meet in the other room.. 😂😂.

19thirty6: She’s at the Phallic stage of her development. In psychoanalysis, this is the stage when children become sexually attracted to the opposite sex, the male child competes with their father for attention from their mother, likewise, the female child does exactly what she’s doing. It’s normal.

mama_heavenly: If you are a man and you have a female child, you don’t know what God has done for you. Just make them happy and they will love you like their lives depend on it.

flowenz1702: God that doesn’t want to suffer me made me have 3 boys, if I had a girl peren 😂😂, I would be nothing but a housemaid in my husband’s house..

chigozie_ehim1: Lucky man. He is enjoying seeing his wife and daughter fight over him. If so doxology. Hahaha.

olisakin: She doesn’t even know how to k!ss lol 😂 but she won drag man 😂 cute.


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