“Please don’t leave me” – Tonto Dikeh begs estranged lover, Kpokpogri for second chance in leaked audio recording

Popular Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh has generated mixed reactions from social media users following a leaked audio recording of her conversation with her estranged lover, Kpokpogri.

In the recording, Tonto was heard crying as Kpokpogri rebuked her for inappropriate action and emphasized how their few months old relationship was already facing a crisis.

The prince went on to explain that he made it clear at the start of their affair that he is a peaceful person and wouldn’t hesitate to take to his heels if anything tries to topple his peace of mind. 

He said; “Can’t you see it yourself, a relationship that is not up to three months, yet you see the crisis…It’s like you don’t know me, I am a very peaceful person, anything that will threaten my peace, I will just run away…” 

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In a different portion of the recording, Tonto tried to explain herself as regards a man who had allegedly spent the night with her.

The actress tried to let her lover understand that nothing happened but he insisted that she was lying while also accusing her of deleting messages from her mobile device. 

Tonto, however, maintained that she is speaking the truth and only deleted messages from her phone out of fear. Listen to the leaked audio recording below;

See reactions below;

official_mauriz: The man is just a kiss and tell, he doesn’t deserve her! I pray she find true love and peace!

sassypresh: The person that recorded this no even get sense to start with

petra_wise: That man never loved her at all he just used my pretty baby

mzshindara: He was watching his words just to make her talk knowing he’s recording. Fear fear o🚶🏽‍♀️

mercikuzy: No woman who is trying to believe in love again should ever experience this pain!!!! Never!!!!… Amen

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