Reactions as girlfriend slumps after her boyfriend proposed to her (Video)

A video involving a boyfriend proposing to his girlfriend in the presence of their family and friends has surfaced online and by extension stirred reactions among netizens.

Nowadays, one of the trending conversations online is public proposal while it went so well for some, it turned out to be regret to some boyfriends as that day is they day their so called girlfriends served them hot breakfast.

Serving breakfast was just the beginning as some girlfriends go all the way to rain several curses and insults on their boyfriends and in turn result into an emotional damage.

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However, in a recent video that is making the rounds on social media, a boyfriend in the midst of friend and family decided to surprise his girlfriend as he proposed to her publicly as he went down on his knees.

However, the girlfriend who didn’t see it coming burst into tears, loses self control and swiftly slump on the the ground.

The boyfriend and others around her quickly move closer to her as it could be seen that she is over excited following the latest development. Watch the video below;

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The video has generated mixed reactions among netizens across the world. See below;

offical.ifeoma:  LoL I Kno I’m not suppose to be laughing😂😂😂😂😂😂 🤣 OMG please take her to the hospital Biko is well.

perfectkinging:  She no believe say she go ever marry or what?

chiefyira:  Na only she know wetin her eye don see 😂😂

rokel_rok: You faint for proposal😱 what will happen if them serve you breakfast.

papa042:  She get spiritual husband…🏃‍♂️

shugarlexybae:  Her spiritual husband don’t want her to get married. They should use 7broom wipe her she will wake up😂 idunu Ayo

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