She used the man as a retirement plan after exploring Lord Lamba – Influencer Shola slams BBNaija’s Queen over engagement

Influencer Shola has voiced her disapproval of Big Brother Naija star Queen Mercy Atang’s recent engagement announcement.

Queen recently made her engagement public, sharing a photo showcasing her engagement ring while holding her fiancé’s hand.

Shola’s response honed in on Queen’s past actions, alleging that she is using her fiancé as a “retirement plan” after engaging with other men and having a child out of wedlock.

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He narrated how Queen had been with her now-fiance since 2016 but chose to explore other relationships by having a child with Lord Lamba only to return to him later.

Shola highlighted a recurring pattern among women, noting that they often bypass genuinely nice and committed men in favor of exploring relationships with individuals who have no intention of settling down.


He characterized this behavior as “female self-destructive,” suggesting that it typically results in adverse consequences for women in the long run.

In conclusion, Shola affirmed that “nice guys always finish last.”

He wrote; “So I just saw the news about BBN’s Queen getting engaged to a man she’s been with since 2016, but in between she had a baby with Lord Lamba. This is how a lot of women move, it’s a female self-destructive behavior.

There would be a nice guy in the corner, but you wouldn’t take him seriously or you even reject him, then you go to the streets, and explore with men who don’t care about you, men who have no plans of keeping you, become a single mom or a baby mama, then go back to the nice guy who has always wanted you, use him as your retirement plan, and you still win since it’s the innocent nice guy that will have to live with all the mess you did put yourself through.

Nice guys always finish last”.

See screenshot of the post below;

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See reactions below;

adaoma960: You see all this girls here supporting the lady Una no well well I no blame Una na Nigeria make Una like this 95 percent of Nigeria women has no job na to jump from one man to another.

sheba_zira: They will never sit and analyze their sisters at home. But they will come and be analyzing other people. Some Nigerians and not minding their damn business. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️.

veronicasdaughter: You cannot say this! You do not know enough to come on social media and say this!!! U are not a party to their relationship! None of us knows exactly what went down. We arr all spectators and just guessing u dey guess wit authority. Kai.

blessedsince_94: Na Mumu Dey Marry Person Baby Momma 🤣.

aystevee:  She’s taking advantage of that guy. He eye go soon clear. Ladies eh. Gutter behavior 🤮.

seun_dreams: If this is true!! Kings pls don’t be the guy with the flowers 🌺🧑🏿‍🦯.

paschalpepper: Will you allow your brother or your son marry a girl he was dating who got pregnant by another man? If yes then Wahala no dey. If they never dated before it’s understandable. But……

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