Singer Brymo tackles Peter Okoye over the way he drags Seun Kuti and the Kuti’s family

Popular Nigerian singer, Brymo in a recent post on social media tackle his colleague, Peter Okoye over the way he drags Seun Kuti as well as the Kuti’s family.

It all started  Seun Kuti stated that it takes the effort of dedicated Nigerians to save Nigeria, not an opportunist like Peter Obi.

Reacting to this, Singer Peter Okoye who is Peter Obi die hard supporter slams Seun Kuti for calling Peter Obi an opportunist and by extension attacks Seun Kuti’s paternal figure. 

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Dragging Seun Kuti further, Peter Okoye disclosed that if not because of his father no one knows Seun Kuti as he couldn’t point out a song he sang successfully.

Bragging about his achievement, Peter Okoye said that his late father was nobody, but now everyone knows the “Okoye” and by extension dares Seun Kuti to remove “kUTI” from his surname and see if anyone would recognize him.

He wrote, “My late Father was a nobody but today everyon knows the OKOYES! Dude try removing “KUTI” from you name make I know weda anybody sabi you! Remain in that your Local SHRINE while people like us and others continue excelling Globally! YOU CANT SHAME THE SHAMELESS!”

Reacting to the statement, singer Brymo who is a supporter of Tinubu advised Peter Okoye to delete the post as he accused him of being egoistic in nature by claiming he is self made.

Brymo wrote, “Bros .. you never delete ? go keep this post wey trifle your pops, just cause it reads like you are self-made and he inherited fame ?..that’s your point right ?.. this belittles yours.. this is quite self serving, I doubt you own your successes, you belong to your sponsors ?”

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See reactions below;

biggie_poko:  E con be like say na Yoruba people Dey tribalistic pass Aboki and other ethnic groups 😂😂.

peterr_deee: Brymo rest…. You insult all the igbos and them leave… No be your fight be this.. Go sing win Grammies abeg.

officialbobbyfredrick__:  Anywhere you see Igbo n Yoruba fighting u must certainly find brymo there even if e concern him or e no concern him🥱.

iam_rasz:  How can we wish for a better Nation when we hate and fight each other so much! There’s no hope until we heal and Unite the tribes.. I’m Igbo but I see the Yoruba and the Hausa man as my own.. I see the next black man as my own.. The Western world don’t see them tribes or countries when they see us.. they see another African.. they see another black youthman that has been exploited.. I pray we all heal and Unite as one..💔🙏🙏.

robyekpo:  Brymo, please kindly sit this one out. Seems you’re very tribalistic haba! 🙄🚶🏽‍♀️.

biggest_sugar:  Psquare is right, how can Seun Kuti be trying to chase clout at this critical time in our country? And for the record, Seun is not on the same level as Peter, so make him just be humble & enjoy his daddy’s legacy.

thatmustee: The Igbos keep attacking every Yoruba that’s not on PO Side, No that’s nonsense!! Most Yoruba youths are great supporters of PO and I don’t think others that don’t support him should be criticized. Do not bring Tribalism into this!!

magnatefriday : How i wish we the masses can learn! Because these politicians are toiling with our brain that is why you see them after every elections, they will congratulate themselves and still eat and drink on one table.Youths wise up let these people not confused us at this time, because we have to get it right now or never because this year election is not like the regular ones before!!!❤️.

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