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Six Nollywood actors who underwent astonishing changes for a character (Video)

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In this article, we are going to be talking about 6 (six) Nollywood actors who went the extra mile by going through astonishing changes for a character to ensure they give us remarkable acting.

Understanding the efforts an actress or actor invested in creating your beloved character in a movie or series can enhance your appreciation for their talent and dedication.

You come to realize that it entails much more than just standing in front of the camera and speaking, as they frequently jeopardize their physical well-being to deliver impactful performances.

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Below are the six actors and actresses who went through major body transformations to play a movie role:

Earlier in the year 2023, Chidi Mokeme played the role of Scar in Netflix original Shanty Town. Portraying a crime boss demanded an extensive commitment, involving everything from sculpting their physique without appearing overly muscular to enduring days without personal hygiene or social interaction. They persevered, maintaining the Scar voice and persona consistently for months on end.

He shared details of his preparation for the role in an interview revealing how he had to disguise himself on a trip to Shitta in Lagos to get a feel of ghetto music.

He also disclosed that he had to consume three packs of cigarettes, neglect personal hygiene for several days leading up to the movie’s production, and immerse himself in a substantial amount of Nigerian fuji music to fully immerse himself in the character. 


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Tones portrayed the character of young Eniola in Kemi Adetiba’s “King Of Boys” (2018). Prior to filming, her appearance bore no resemblance to Sola Sobowale, who portrays the older Eniola.

Ton Tones born Gbemi Anthonia Adefuye who has lived for some years in the UK during an interview said she did not understand the Yoruba she speaks in the movie King of Boys while adding that she learned how to speak Yoruba for her role.

Toni Tones had to gain 40 pounds and strain her voice box in order to give the viewers a feel of what a younger version of Sobowale would be. In an, she revealed, “The voice. The voice was a big one for me. I actually injured my voice box to be honest. I did a little bit of damage to it. It definitely wasn’t the safest decision. But making those decisions, putting on the weight, cracking the voice trying to imitate Aunty Sola’s husky voice and studying her mannerisms turned out to be rewarding”.

RMD takes on a significant role in the upcoming Netflix crime thriller “The Black Book.” The trailer, unveiled on August 25, 2023, provides a sneak peek into RMD’s character, portraying a father determined to seek vengeance for his son’s demise.

He embarked on an arduous journey of intensive training and adhered to a structured diet for several months leading up to production to shed his weight, which stood at 120kg at the time. Additionally, he underwent military training, guided by an active US Marine, to master the art of gun handling and precise movements.

RMD also endured burns just three days into production when he accidentally poured boiling water on himself. It turned out that he had willingly sacrificed certain comforts to fully immerse himself in the character of a father who would cook for his son.

He narrated the ordeal online writing, I did not have to make myself coffee that morning… So, I was staying in character and being self-sufficient. I do not exactly remember the sequence of events but what I remember is hot, scalding water pouring on both my thighs and knew, seeing my skin move as I rubbed it in panic”


We can’t wait to see the results of RMD’s hard work when The Black Book hits Netflix on September 22, 2023.

Adedimeji delivered an excellent act with the character Gbotija in the recent Netflix Original movie Jagun Jagun produced by Nollywood actor Femi Adebayo.

He had several fighting scenes in the movie, in which he had to go through fight training, fitness training, dieting and muscle building for the character.

In an Instagram post, Lateef Adedimeji revealed that he had broken his leg, which he sustained on the very first day of the movie shoot, but went on with several days of production with it.

See his post below;



Ini Edo – Shanty Town

Actress Ini Edo is one of the producers of the movie Shanty Town and by extension gets a lot of praise for her role “Inem”, she happens to be a surviving twin and undercover policewoman.

In an interview, Ini Edo says she went through for about six weeks before she was able to do the film.

She says; I had to go through the training for about six weeks to be able to do the film. Personally, I wanted my fighting scenes to look as real as possible, although we still used a stunt double. But, I did 90 per cent of the stunts myself.

Also, sharing a video of her at the training, Ini Edo wrote; “It took me 3 weeks of intensive training of mixed martial arts with @@Sensei_pierce who also played the role of Top Gun in the number one trending series on Netflix Shanty town , to get into the character of Inem. The physical challenge was one of the major reasons I jumped on that role…As an Actor, I had been craving for a character that would challenge me both physically and artistically , stepping away from my comfort zone made me feel alive artistically ! Am fulfilled by your reviews and humbled .
Shantytown streaming at No 1 spot on Netflix @naijaonnetflix . Please if you haven’t seen our show, go and see it naaaaaa🥺.”

Watch her video below;


Otanwa played the role of Maria a young mother battling postpartum depression in the movie For Maria: Ebun Pataki (2020).

Playing the role of a mother who just recently gave birth isn’t an easy feat for someone who wasn’t pregnant during that period. She had to put on weight in order to achieve a realistic postpartum belly.

“To achieve a realistic postnatal body, I chose to gain some weight for the role. I took a pix b4 I started gaining weight and the 2nd was my belly a few days before shoot. I’m honoured by your feedback,”the actress revealed.

See photos and videos below (swipe to view more);


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