Stop lying that acting gave you money to buy a house — Actress Angela Okorie tells female colleagues (Video)

Popular Nollywood actress Angela Okorie during a recent interview takes no chill as she tackles her females colleagues most especially the junior ones who buys a house after spending one year in the Nigeria movie industry.

Angela Okorie during an interview on the entertainment show, Factory 78 made this known while reacting to the way females colleague makes more money than the males in the Nollywood.

In the video, actress Angela Okorie who also doubles as a singer tells her junior colleagues to stop lying that in less than a year the money they make from Nollywood makes them buy a house on the Island places like, Lekki, Victorial Island, Ikoyi, Ajah among others.

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According to Angela Okorie, the junior female colleagues who has been working in the industry in less than a year then buys a house makes it look like she and other A-list actresses who has been in the industry for over 10 years have been playing and not working all these years.

She added that these female colleagues have not done up to 10 movies in Nollywood and she earns more than them noting she has been in at least 200 visuals.

Angela Okorie concluded that if the female colleagues have something else they are doing they should made it known to the public rather than covering their luxurious way of living using acting.

Watch the video below;

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See reactions below;

sir_eltee: She’s saying the truth and needs to be protected. Anyway she has a bullet proof wig.

seyrahsbukka: Good acting paved way for visibility. Visibility created opportunities. Now the smart ones used these opportunities well while the rest got carried away! That’s how I see it sha..

voguebykendra; If na acting tirinrin supposed don buy 5 😂 that guy is always on set.

_toby_loba: Thank God say nah their fellow Nollywood colleague don talk am😂.

vawulencestudent: She has a point yes 👏 but these days is not like 20yrs ago influencing lasan pays a lot! Look at all the skit makers social media has been a blessing!

kaytheplaymaker: If I speak… I’m in trouble 😂😂. The Music and Movie industry in Nigeria is all a bunch of lies and smoke screens. People wey really get money no plenty.

nurse_synthia:  You can be so sure , I don’t earn more than you, you don’t know my income, secondly you people shud rest on this matter, being a female is a blessing allow people to live !

lizsliv: Yes acting expose you to so many opportunities. Opportunities to fame opportunities to collaborate , access to top billionaires it could be for business or pleasure, High earning potential. Only wise people make use of this opportunity diligently and still earn more than there colleagues depending on how you carry yourself .

_phavvy:  But how many nollywood actresses don come talk say them buy house? It’s influencers and content creators!! And obviously influencers make more money than nollywood actors/actresses! Nollywood no really get money now! Everybody know!

mcsmithochendo: So them dey fuck get money? I come dey defend them. I’m a very STUPID MAN.

sosared_89:  Lets be realistic all these girls have men sponsoring their expensive lifestyle. Nigeria is not a structured country , if you are a legit hustler, u will work so hard for years and keep paying bills that will barely let u save up to buy a house. One small girl will just come out of Big brother naija before you know fiam 2 houses 😂. Congratulations to them . Miracle no dey tire big daddies


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