Teachers are now agents of darkness – Actor Williams Uchemba raises alarm over disturbing trend in schools (Video)

Popular Nollywood actor, William Uchemba in a video shared online raises alarm over a disturbing trends in schools.

In a video shared via his official Instagram page, William Uchemba, a father of one said teachers are now imputing an ideology that deals with  teaching children how to change their gender.

Uchemba who further referred to some teachers as agent of darkness, sent to destroy lives, revealed that instead of teaching children their usual class work this teachers spend time teaching kids how to become a girl if they are boys and how to be a boy if they are girls. And then further showing them how they can surgically change their gender.

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Urging parents to be vigilant, William Uchemba wrote;

“PARENTS BE VIGILANT SOME PEOPLE ARE OUT TO DISCIPLE YOUR KIDS BEHIND YOU: I don’t have a problem with adults being whatever they want to be but why are you forcing your ideologies on other peoples kids? Why are you intentionally putting ideas in their heads if you don’t have an agenda. You started with removing the Bible from schools , and later stopping prayer’s in school , and you are now telling kids that haven’t gotten to the age accountability that they can choice to be any gender they wish. What do you want them to do with that information??!.”

Watch the video;

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See reactions below;

uchennaji: The answer to this is very simple . I think I should just do a video to address this and let parents see the solutions we are missing out on.

vick_ky_y: 🙌🙌Training the heart of my kids, to love God and walk in obedience. They will know the truth and live by it ❤️.

troy_bape: I don’t really know what’s going on with the western world , I’m in japan and I’m a teacher. 70% of teachers (foreigners )that are westerners in my city are either gay, bi ,lez etc … to see a straight person is like a miracle ,funny but sad at the same time 🤷🏽‍♂️.

veggiesberries: This is disturbing, while parents are so busy hustling to pay bills, I pray God gives them the strength to pay attention to details. It’s not easy 😢 😢.

toyinmrsjohnson: Least be honest, the reason why they are teaching this is because little Timmy has 2 mums and little Ashley’s dad wears pencil skirts and high heals. Darcy has 2 dads and her step mom’s transitioning.

_i.am.jude: It’s been going on for a while especially in the US.. the left is seriously destroying the future generations of children.

crozier_faith: All parents have to be intentional, the Era of I don’t have time has gone. The parents have to be the first information carrier to your children before getting to know about it somewhere else. Let them know your values from a very tender age. They are not too small for any information just break it down to their level.

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