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“This is so sad” – Ex-Chicken Republic security boys turned superstars Happieboys dropped out of school in Cyprus (Photos/video)

Viral security guards who were sacked by chicken republic for dancing during work hours have dropped out of school in Cyprus.

Happie Boys, who were offered scholarships to further their education abroad, have cried out online about their current condition.

It can be recalled that the young men, Matthew Precious Kelechi and Amakor Johnson, became internet sensations after we posted a video of them dancing on duty in their security uniforms on this page.


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Following reports that they were sacked over the video, they received public sympathy and were awarded a fully-funded scholarship, alongside their manager Caleb, to study abroad by philanthropist Apostle Chinyere Chibuzor of Omega Power Ministries (OPM).

However, in a surprising development, the boys revealed in a post shared on their official Instagram page that they were only able to attend school for six months before being forced to drop out due to lack of sponsorship.

They claimed that finding a job in Cyprus is very difficult, and the cost of living in the country is extremely high.

They also shared their alleged conversations with Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere, where they requested money from him multiple times, but he either claimed to be broke or ignored their messages.

Happie Boys via their official Instagram page wrote; “We want to use this medium to thank each and everyone of you out there more especially my fans, family & @papa.opm who helped us fly abroad to school which we are so grateful!! After GOD used @gossipmilltv to show the world our inbuilt talent from GOD & we’re forever grateful to GOD for looking after us, sustaining and providing for us for the past 8 months which the scholarship lasted for only 6 months and us who didn’t come from rich homes dropped out from school because is very hard for anyone to get a job here in Cyprus! Ask @ogenecyprus .. Living in the country became so expensive but GOD in heaven is seeing his children through!! “Let Love Lead”🙏🏻🥀 Who no go no know! #happinessisfree.”

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See reactions below;

luckyudu: That man has too many responsibilities. Over 4000 students abroad. He send the children to school and then, the parents cater for their children. Unfortunately, not everyone can cope with such opportunities. Some will spend all their opportunities thinking the man will provide everything for them. If their family can squeeze out something to sustain them, let them do so. I’m not judging those boys o but before the left Nigeria, they were dressing decently but after they left for Cyprus, they started dressing indecently and expensive when they fully know that they have no kobo compared to what the man of God can assist with. I feel for them sha.

zainab.ayoo:  Person wey dey prison no know wetin God do for am aje.

debbycounty27:  I don’t know how you guys think at times, a pastor gave you scholarship to study in Cyprus which many of our top pastor’s can’t do and you are still ungrateful for that ❓😏 what happened using your page to creat content and post on YouTube, Tiktok Instagram Facebook ❓ knowing fully well that this apps are monetize, with your fame you couldn’t use it well to make money now you are blaming the pastor, forgetting that no one knows tomorrow, you are not the only one that pastor is helping na, there are thousands of people he’s helping daily, he just sent you people there for your betterment instead you choose to be ungrateful, things didn’t work out the way he planned and you are blaming him right ❓😏 as your Papa wey born you, you guys even went far to screen record your chat with him which is bad, people will now find it difficult to help now because of this attitude, because he’s a pastor everyone wants to bash him as if you guys give him money to keep for you, nawa.

xin_nightwolf: This is what happens when you chase nothing but clouts, be careful what you pledge.. this you are owing them.. and there’s nothing you can do about it… if you had sponsored them to school in Nigeria or probably in Uk with the opportunity to work while they school they won’t be much of a burden on you.. . You needed to quickly use their trends to promote yourself, now the fame is come and gone and you feel the world has forgotten them, now send them tickets to come back home and bear the shame of not being able to cater for them as you promised! You can’t send people outside to a country where there’s no much opportunities because you want to be known as a philanthropist who sent people “ABROAD”.. bring them back home or pay the tuition you promised!

cookingwithseki: 😢 e ya the part where the man said i don’t have money like before again touched me. His intentions were sure noble 🙌 There is a lesson to learn here, sometimes school might not always be the best option to offer assistance to people in need, even though it is vital. We need to explore more options that does not involve sending anyone in need to school always

bitcoin_chief:  😆 someone giving you a lift doesn’t mean you won’t still trek where he drops you off to your destination. Not all lift is meant to get you to your bedroom. I feel you should have just appreciated and move on. Nobody helps anyone in Nigeria. Until I became a $MILLIONIARE nobody has ever given me a penny worth of help😂.

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