This is so wrong – Video trends as man spotted spraying wads of dollars on new born baby (Watch)

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A video where wads of dollars is being sprayed on new born baby has surfaced online and by extension sparked mixed reactions among netizens.

In the video making the rounds on social media, the new born baby just like other new born babies at the hospital could be seen placed inside a box and that was just the beginning.

However, a grown up man in the video could be seen spraying wads of $100 dollars on the new born baby.

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He continuously to spray the dollars on top of the new born baby and in return generated several reactions.

While some said, showring thenew born child with money is a way of showing that the child will be a billionaire in future.

Others frankly went against this, as they assert that it’s wrong to spay dollars on new baby noting that the dollars might contain germs that can have a negative effects on the immune of the new born baby that is yet to be strong.

Some netizens while shedding their opinions utters that he should have given the money directly to the mother of child as she would appreciates it the more.

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Watch the video below;

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See reactions below;

annaebiere: This is plain ignorance.

clapdee3: I mean he could have just given it to the mother. She most definitely would have appreciated it. Money is dirty no matter how crispy it is. JS❤️.

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mistazeed: It’s funny how we normalize bad things and called it something else… it’s so unhealthy for a new born! When u have ur money to take care of ur new born and the family, do it with manners and do it big in another form.. nobody will question u but this, it’s a no no for me.

kelvin_umeh:This is wrong and exposes that child to germs and disease. We can celebrate differently, please.

bam.babycity: VERY VERY WRONG!!! Money is paper. It must have passed through several hands or machines; it’s not germ free. Newborns have very low immunity, exposing them to germs is very dangerous. Open an account in their name and put that money there, it’s way better and safer.

alibabagcfr: Some people saying “this is wrong,” do not know where the father may be coming from. 1. The position of the health concern is most valid. 2. The money is just for show. The child can’t spend it, so it is actually the mother’s money. 3. You don’t know the names he and the wife had been called. 4. Some people who will call this man out, may have benefitted from a donation from the man towards their school, hospital, community, and other charity causes. 5. It’s like buying Playstation for your child, and someone says, “imagine me looking for school fees and he is buying Playstation for his 12 year old?”. 6. So, please, if he worked hard for his money, and it’s not ill gotten, let him show his gratitude as he likes. 7. If he were spraying the people twerking in a club now…. una for dey shout Kpoya!!!! Chike!!! OHAAAAN!!!! UNLESS PUBLIC FUNDS, LET PEOPLE ENJOY THEIR HUSTLE.

sexy_laise: This is wrong all shades of wrong, new born are sensitive to infection or bacteria they shouldn’t even be carry with unclean hand not to talk of money being spray on them…. Make I shut up before they said broke people is giving a rich man advice.

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