US comedian Micheal Blackson addresses Obidient and other Nigerians that are not happy with who their president is

US Comedian Micheal Blackson has taken to social media where he addresses Obidients and other Nigerians that are not happy with who their president is.

Note that Bola Tinubu, the former governor of Lagos-State has been declared the winner of the 2023 presidential elections.

However, the political development generated mixed reactions as some Nigerians who are supporters of Atiku and Peter Obi expressed utmost displeasure at Tinubu emergence as the president of Nigeria.

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Micheal Blackson who is a Ghanaian-American comedian advised the unhappy Nigerians never to depend their lives on a president for them ot be successful in life. He added that they should work hard and let God be their leader instead of a president.

He noted that since he went to America he has seen 7 different presidents and non of them changed his life. He concluded that he changed his life by the grace of God, noting that any human being should never give a president/fellow man that much power.

He wrote, “This message is to anyone that’s not happy with who their president is. You can’t live your life depending on a president just work hard and let God be your leader. You can’t depend on a president for you to be successful in life. Since went to America I’ve seen 7 different presidents and non of them changed my life, I changed my life by the Grace of God. Don’t give man that much power, you can do it without them. Be a leader yourself not a follower.

Reagan was an actor so didn’t know when he was real or acting, Bush sr was confused, Bush jr was slow, Clinton had side chicks, Obama smoked Marlboros, Trump was nuts and Biden falls every other week. I couldn’t depend on non of them Modasuckas lol. made it on my own.”

See screenshot of his post below;

micheal blackson 1

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See reactions below;

iamyetundebakare: In other words Regardless of who our President is…. If you don’t work , you’ll still no CHOP 👌.

allimerry: abeggi, talking about working hard in an encouraging environment, Oga it’s different down here.

latashalagos: Message dey inside here if you can key in. Granted, that environment is more conducive but it also has its failings. In Nigeria here who is responsible for our wickedness and injustice to one another? People cannot even be diligent in the things they are assigned to do. It starts with us oooo!

iamzady: What’s this one Saying ? Has he lived in Nigeria before ? Thweeee He should be Advised to make a decision for his life alone, you can’t come and Advise people who wants thier country back, Has he Experienced NIGERIA ?????

official_gucci_c:  My country people are not asking for help from any president, all they want is a good governance, a functioning government that is responsible for security, law and order. Nobody works harder like Nigerians, even in the midst of insecurities and lacks 😢😢😢😢.

chioma4eva: So deep…this is not for everybody. Food for thought even though it greatly affect the system especially when the system is not already built like US to stand majorly on its own irrespective of the president, here in our country those stuffs that we can anchor on to stand is not even there to hold not to talk of the structure itself…so much difference Uncle Blackson but your point is crystal clear… never leave your destiny in a leader ‘s hand or mothersu*kers in your own words. Its important for us the citizenry to take our destiny in our own hands and make the best out of it against all odds praying hopefully that our leaders ll atleast put the structure for us to hold onto to get up / stand.


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