Viral ‘Check your keyboard’ trend causes buzz on Twitter

A viral trend has been going round on the ‘X’ app, formerly known as Twitter, and by extension, many users have been jumping on it.

The trend, ‘Check your keyboard’ required the use of memes guiding users to check specific keys on their keyboards, whether on the phones or laptops.

The memes took one of the trending spot on Twitter, with users wondering why it went viral on the platform. It all started when people began spelling out messages like RT, U, JK, in all sorts of different contexts.

In the viral memes, netizens are expected to look at particular keys on their keyboard to decode the hidden meaning behind the meme, catching many attentions online.

Many of the posts start with an unlikely or outlandish detail and then tell you to look between the H and L keys, which falls on the letters “JK” — in other words, “just kidding.

Furthermore, ‘the look between the E and Y on your keyboard’, simply referred to as ‘RT’ – forming the word ‘Retweet’.

Since then, social media users have seized upon this format to highlight the initial letters of beloved characters, celebrities, or public figures, often with humorous intent.

Many joined the trend, inputting different letters and asked commenters to decode the hidden messages in perfect harmony with funny memes attached to it.

Nigerians are having a blast poking fun at politicians like Buhari and the nation’s president, Bola Ahmed Tinubu. they are also roping in celebrities like Davido, Portable, Papaya Ex, and many more. weaving these hilarious jokes into the ‘Check your keyboard’ trend.

Checkout the posts below:

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