“We are all very sweet” – Video of two female friends who almost fight over a guy at the mall goes viral online, many react (Watch)

A trending video of fear women involving two female friends at the mall and a guy who approached them has caused a buzz on social media and by extension sparked several reactions among netizens.

In the viral video, the two female friends identified as Victoria and Gold were seen shopping at the mall and a guy identified as Mark approached them.

Mark who is obviously interested in Victoria ask for her name as well as that of her friend Gold. However, Mark while trying to express her interest in Victoria in front of friend Gold brings out is pick up line games and it was absolutely nothing but a standard one. 

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Mark while speaking with Victoria asks, “Is your name joy?”

Responding, Victoria utters, “No, my name is Victoria.”

Reacting to Victoria response, Mark says, “Do you known why I asked, actually your shape is giving me joy.”

Undoubtedly, the pick up line by Mark captured the hearts of Victoria who could been seen rubbing her hands on her body and that was just the beginning.

Going straight to the point, while Gold watches on,  Mark says he wants to be Victoria boyfriend, he added that he wants to be the one that satisfy her everynight and make her c*m everynight. 

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Requesting for her number, Victoria forms by showing the girly part of her for few moment, then she decided to give her his number.

Gold, the Victoria friend who watches on while Mark was doing the wooing, shows off her jealousy part as she decided to offer Mark the wine she bought.

Mark however couldn’t refuse as he accepted the champagne from Gold using the red cup, then he further shows some compliment asking if the wine is as sweet as she is as a woman.

Mark who is know for his pranky ways further raised eyebrows as he disclosed that after tasting the champagne he will taste her to.

Gold reacted, “Taste Me?”, then she later accepted to be tasted as she give him her number.

Victoria in return couldn’t found it funny anymore as she begins to wonder how a man that collects her number at the same time collects her friends number.  She says, ‘Is that how you taste,”

Gold who was jealous before reacts “Is it your tasting?”

Mark asks Gold “Are you very sweet?”

She responded, “Very Sweet”

Victoria who is not feeling comfortable anymore decided to fight for her place in Marks heart as she also said, “We are all very sweet”



See how netizens react below;

__trendo: Jesus Christ . The last line . We are all very sweet 😂.

ms_onome: What she did is so wrong after your friend already gave her no first .. mtwww all this kind friends we know them …

kennyearn: Is the dominance and confidential approach that makes the difference. That’s majorly what women admire in men.

b_london07: These girls na ashawo😂😂😂😂.

kennypaul4life: I don’t even want to believe this is real😂 this is definitely staged😂 but let’s assume this is real are they both single? They both can’t be single 😂 these fit be people Juliets oo chai! One day all this una pranks go put person into trouble 😂.

eddydavou: Chineke ooooo😂 my stomach😂😂😂😂.

iam_abasauloho: This girls are street.

oputeking: Omo let me go and try my own too I pray them no beat me 😂.

eko_gustavo: 😂😂😂 Omo!!! Instant jealousy the guy never even call you 😂😂 u Don own am 😅… Is that how it is???

sir_miki: We’re all very sweet…. This statement loud oooooo.

ekamma.udofia: Why you go get breath pass women wey you dey talk dirty to in the first place…. They’ll feel intimidated na😭.

openspeaker_1: Omo our girls a cheap, just be bold …. Even themselves need dirty talk , but too much Christianity spoil us 😢😢😢.

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