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Why I find it hard to make friends with women born and raised in Nigeria – Media personality Stephanie coker explains (Video)

In a statement, popular Nigerian media personality Stephanie Coker has revealed reasons she refuses to be friends with women born and raised in Nigeria.

Stephanie Coker who is also known to be TV presenter made this known in her podcast tagged “meherandeverythingelsepod” which she featured Make up artiste, Anita Adetoye and fashion stylist, Tolu Bally.

She said, “I always say this thing about how I find it hard to make friends with women who have grown up and spent their whole lives in Nigeria just because I feel their mindset are very different..”

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Coker also cited an example of of how a Nigerian bred woman can meet her and other men seated at a table at an event and will only greet the men and ignore her fellow woman.

In her words, “When you are out and maybe you’re on a table, if a girl that’s not from abroad, never lived out of Nigeria comes to the table, she will greet all the guys and not greet the woman and I’m always like ‘why? What is your problem?’ I was here first, you should at least say ‘Oh Hi, How are you?’ They’ll just sit, they’ll now act like they can’t see you.”

Watch the video below;

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However, the video has generated several reactions while some netizens roast Stephanie Coker following her opinion about her fellow Nigerian women, others shared their contrary opinions. See below;

officialibadanproperties: Aunty that’s a lie, the person you met is just probably rude.

ts_simi: I don’t agree tho, I think it’s based on personalities and the characters of different people. It just like someone from abroad too comes in a place where the Nigerian girls are sorted and you feel too big and classy to greet them. So it’s not about living abroad, it’s just how well mannered you are as an individual. I will speak of myself no matter who you are and where we are I will always greet everyone to be honest, my attitude towards you later is dependent on how you reacted to my greeting.

comphie: What class of never lived outside Nigerian women do y’all sit on same tables with???? Haba! Generalizations like this are totally wrong. I’m very chitchatting and will even give compliments if you’re reciprocating the vibes or can hold a conversation.

omah.music: This is so true, the mentality is very different in a lot of ways.

nenritgotodok: Did Stephanie to say Nigeria, How many states has she been to in Nigeria to warrant such crazy conclusions?

ebereokorocha: Im beginning to realize that Stephanie has a problem. You have to have encountered ALL the women in Nigeria to make this conclusion. The effrontery to refer to Nigerians who grew up in Nigeria as “THEY”. Girl you’re the one with a complex! When you’re not bashing light skinned women, you’re bashing girls who’ve done BBL, when it’s not that… it’s Nigerian women who grew up in Nigeria. Nigerian women aren’t your problem! If you’re so unhappy here, move back to where you came from. I blame Nigeria for glorifying y’all who couldn’t make it abroad.

elvictorea: Nigerian women greet everyone. Nigerians greet everyone . This is the strangest thing I have ever heard about us.

rabboni_hairline: It’s inferiority complex and some people will just assume you might snub them if they say hi… still inferiority complex.


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