Why I made sure Baba Ijesha bags 16 years imprisonment – Comedian Princess finally reveals (Video)

Popular Nigerian comedian and actress, Princess during an interview speaks on heavy criticism she has been faced both on and off social media for fighting Baba Ijesha till he landed in Jail. 

Recall on July 14th Intel Region reported that Baba Ijehsa was sentenced to 16 years in prison over assault on 14-year-old girl, a foster child of comedian Princess.

In an interview with Arise TV, Princess revealed why she went hard for her foster daughter. 

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According to the comedian, she has been taking other people’s kids under her care for years, and when the Baba Ijesha case happened, she went numb first. 

As someone who always urged all her kids to say the truth even in the face of consequences, Princess felt a need to fight for the girl who was entrusted in her care by her parents.

She noted that it didn’t make sense that people kept asking why she couldn’t let the case go, saying anyone who loves kids knows that they should be cared for and protected. 

The comedian added that Baba Ijesha tried everything possible so that she would keep quiet on the case and even went as far as calling on people he knew she respected and wouldn’t dare go against.

Princess was surprised that instead of everyone to rise to fight Baba Ijesha on her behalf, there were people like Yomi Fabiyi cutting corners and coming up with false narratives.

She also added that hers was the first case that would see a celebrity punished for their crime. 

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See reactions to comedian Princess below;

chief_femibranch:  I am yet to understand how Nigerians reason sometimes when I read some people’s comments on sensitive issues online. The only thing I tell myself is that everyone, bothe the mad and the sane now own a phone and small data and can now browse, open a social media account and comment on posts. Including the so called rapists, child molesters (pedophiles) etc, so naturally, they would support their own. Because how could any “normal” or sane person support such an act, with such Attendant evidences. Most don’t even read captions or bother to understand a post b4 typing their trash. They call it catching cruise. I celebrate your strength and I celebrate your God who vindicated you. They say “sebi he is now in jail, why not move on” forgetting that healing is gradual and the sentence does not erase the emotional and psychological scars but only soothes it. God’s got you dear and your child as well, whom nobody even seem to care about. I hope the counselling is helping her through this. She is so blessed to have a mother like you who fought for her, millions like her in this country are not so fortunate. Love u loads Damilola.

hanny_diamond:  Thank you for being so strong princess, God will continue to bless and uphold you 😘😘😘😘😘

olayode_abolore:  I love ur courage upon all the supporters he had but God vindicated the true at last 👏👏👏

debo_the_princess: Wow, to u, I always say giving birth to a child does not make u a mother, but loving the child unconditionally is what makes u a mother, and u have given that u are forever a good mother for all those kids.

yejenks : Princess, I don’t even know the appropriate words to qualify your commitment, tenacity, courage to stand firm despite all the negative things sad to you. May Hod confit to uphold and strengthen you. What you have done is very commendable. To imagine the silence in your industry is concerning and alarming. Like you said a lot is wrong in a society that does not see anything wrong in this and can come out opening to condemn you. I would keep an eye on such people because they maybe perpetrators too. I hope the young girl gets the psychological support she needs.

clarisunique: I salute your courage. May you recover every lost strength. And to those defending evil of any kind, may such that you support happen to you so you can taste how sweet the waters are🙏

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